UK Pro-Ject Debut III & US Speedbox II - help plea

Hi all,

First post here so please be gentle! I've tried reading up on this but it appears that everyone seems to have the reverse situation to myself so I figured I'd ask to see if I can get any help.

I recently purchased a Pro-Ject Debut III from the UK and needed to pick up a phono stage for my receiver so I hit Ebay and snagged a Pro-Ject Phono Box II from the US. I have plugged the Phono Box II into a step-up converter to match the voltage here in Dubai (same as the UK) and the TT straight into the wall and am having no problems at all (yay!) and happily enjoying my vinyl again. After reading up on the benefits of adding a Speed Box into the equation (ease of switching speeds/improved sound quality) I decided to pick one up (this time from Audiogon), however this is a US Speed Box which runs on a different frequency (and voltage) to my TT - after trawling these forums and others I can't seem to find any examples of my particular situation (plenty of other who have Euro TTs in the US or EU Speed Boxes in the US but not EU TT with US Speed Box) and I'm a little concerned as to what is going to happen when the Speed Box arrives tomorrow and when I plug it in whether it will run too fast/slow, work at all or simply explode in my face!

Will I require a new pulley? Power adaptor? Am I screwed? Any insight would be truly appreciated!