Uh oh. Sudden static

My system can be viewed here: http://cgim.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/vs_user.pl?vevol&1174881856&viewmine&publ

I was listening to a CD this morning when all of a sudden I heard static coming from the left channel. I stopped the CDP, and the static stopped. When I pushed play again the static returned. Pushed stop again and the static stopped. Let the player sit for half an hour, and now the static is gone. I fear it will return, though, so I'd like to get the audiogon troubleshooting network of audio wizards going now before I really freak out if it gets worse. :-)

Thanks for your thoughts!
The static gnomes are once again up to their tricks. Tubed CDP? If so...swap tubes between channels. If not, swap IC's. Also swap power to other location. If that fails...we got real work to do.
May I tag along....sudden static in left channel when using my cd player, occured yesterday for the first time has not gone away even after shutting system down a few times. Swapping IC's switches the side of the static (originates from left side output) and swapping the power cord has no effect. All other components works fine. Music Hall mmf cd-25, bought used about 2 years ago. Thanks for any insight.