Ugrades on the Linbrook Signature Monitors

I recently sent back both of my TA sig monitors because one obviously had a blown tweeter or bad crossover leading to the tweeter being overloaded & raspy.Tyler will fix the one for free, being the great service oriented guy he is ,& I have decided to get the copper Cardas posts in that they are the best signal conductors according to Cardas in thier binding post line & will afford a better overall connection with my standard AP spades.

I am contemplating going away from the 16 guage DH Labs internal speaker wire & having the inside rewired with what I use for speaker cable which is the Oval 12 biwire. This would give me the same wire all the way through & most likely improve the bass with the 12 guage wire however I may lose a little speed in the midrange & HF extension & definition with the AP in that Ty feels the lighter 16 guage wire with the silver & copper is faster. What do other think on this one? Does anyone have experince with AP oval 12 wire vs. the copper/silver DH Labs? It is not a money issues I just want the best sound. Ty thinks the Cardas should make a noticeable difference being a good conductor & with the ability to make a solid contact with my speakers on the AP standard spades.

What is the experience of others? Keep the DH or go with same wire all the way through with the AP oval 12?

I am also thinking on buying some better stands having bought the model one which is a little on the wobbly side in terms of rigidity.(I wish I had bought the model 3 which is much more supportive).What stands at a reasonable price would you recommend that would be more rigid & stable with this large heavy monitor speaker?

I have used both DH labs Silver Sonic Q-10 and Analysis Plus Oval 9. Both cables were configured for biwire. Much preferred the DH labs in my system.
I was a little concerned when I saw the 16-18 guage DH labs wire however Ty thinks one gets the speed & detail up by using this wire so I trusted him on it .I went for the copper based Cardas binding posts as a upgrade Ty did recommend as copper is the best conuctor & should match up everything the best .I do not expect a revelation in sound with the upgrade just a tad more information based on better signal transmission. A fairly inexpensive upgrade overall. .I had a bad tweeter on my originals & can hardly wait to hear them with a good tweeter & the better posts .I have to decide between the Rogue Audio Tempest II tube integrated & the Portal it connects through theAnalysis Plus oval 12 biwires. I am using a Creek CD50 MKII & a AP crystal solo IC which has sound good with both these amps through my Silverlines & thier Dyaudio based drivers. Alan Yun ,in my view, designs a better crossover & builds a better cabinet that Dynaudio¬Ö. I hated in some ways to give them up .I needed a less bright more forgiving speaker for my rather bright room & a somwhat more efficiency for my rock albums so the sig mons should fit the bill.


Which Silverlines were you using?
Tyler is using a 16 -18 DH Labs guage copper silver wire as the internal wirng system in his speakers all hardswired with silver solder.He claims this is the best wire all around for speed & midrange /HF clarity.Initially, I thought as well as going with the the copper based Cardas binding posts as a upgrade, I would go with the Analysis Plus oval 12 for the internal wiring since it would match what I am using for speaker cables however Tyler thought I would do better to stick with the DH Labs even though he would have made more money by doing the rewire just to show how much class the guy has.I do not know exactly what DH Labs wire he uses,other than the ballpark guage the fact that it is a silver copper blend.
Hi Folks.... one guy recommended this as a upgrade ...what do you more tecnical folks think? It seems to me Ty has used the computer designed mMdisound crossover that is recommeded for these Seas driver & he has upgraded a few critical"siganal path" components.Would replacing yet other components without changing the values or design really make a big differenc?The speakers are down there now being repaired & have the Cardas copper posts swapped which should make a notible difference since the standard posts were just so so & dedfinetely not up to the quality of the drivers or crossovers.

I would replace the DH Labs wire with the Cardas wire which Ty has in stock.) Also:

1. Replace all Eagle resistors with Mills. Six resistors total for a pair of speakers.
2. Replace the Bennic electrolytic caps in the woofer crossover with the best film caps you can afford. Sonicap Gen I make a good choice. If money is an issue, could go with Solen.
3. A Mundorf silver & oil (.1uf) makes a nice bypass cap for the Hovland cap in the tweeter crossover.

I did all the above to my Tyler Acoustics HT speakers and the sound quality improvement was incredible.

This is the testimony of one audiophile.


Several years ago I used DH Labs cabling in a second/budget system, and had an idea as to its sonic signature. I had Ty build my Linbrook floorstanding monitors with the Cardas cabling, and I couldn't be happier. It's worth the little extra $$$.
Pardon the typos et al on my message above as I was tired & neglected to check the message and use my spell check by doing my usual cut & paste.
Anyway back to the topic¬Ö. what sonic improvements did you notice using the Cardas speaker wire? If the speaker wire is anything like the IC & speaker cables then it should soften the sound which is something the Tylers don't need with thier ultra smooth presentation which lacks a little definition compared to other speakers using high quality drivers. I would like to get a little more snap & definition out of mine. & may use them with my Portal Panache SS as a result and sell my Rogue Audio Tempest II.Perhaps the speaker wire has different sonic characteristics compared to the other Cardas products.

Thanks again for your input