Ugrade cart or get a new TT

I posted a while back about my TT. I have a CJ Sonographe SG3 with an Audioquest PT 6 or 7 tonearm. I'm not sure how to tell the difference and the person I got the TT from didn't know. It has a Blue Point (original, not a 2) catridge. I'm playing mostly rock and alternative through a Music Hall ph 1.2 phono pre. I have a budget of about $750 to with upgrade what I have or I've been considering a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC or even something a little better up the line. I'm not a "critical" listener and I listen to vinyl a couple of times a week, maybe 2-3 albums at a time. Thanks for any and all comments and advice...including witty sarcasm and micro-brew suggestions...
Check out 'U-Turn Audio' for a great inexpensive turntable with cartridge. They are a direct seller and will provide you a great listening experience.
I'm familiar wit the SG 3 table. It's a good table and as long as everything is otherwise ok with it- ie, bearing, motor, I suggest you need a better cartridge and a new belt.

I would stay away from any Grado- they will hum on your table. Shame because otherwise they are nice.

Many cartridges in your price bracket and below to choose from. I would stick with a medium compliance cartridge. Good luck!
Your table is better by far than a u turn and most likely better sounding than the project carbon. A new cart or better phono pre amp would be my call. There is an Acoustiech ph1p for sale here, which would take you to the next level. You would have to spend much more than 750 to upgrade your table unless you find a Well Tempered Record Player or Classic used. Which both come up every so often.