Ugliest Speakers???

I'm sure most of us would never select a speaker solely on appearance but after sonics it probably would be a criteria, as well as size, weight, color etc.
Looking through the November Stereophile I noticed a new speaker on page 21, the Loiminchay. I'm not sure I could live with this one. It may sound great, I don't know but the appearance of the speaker could never cut it for me, definitely not my style.
What's your take on this one? Any other candidates?
I don't think I'd ever buy Vandersteen 3A s for this reason, even with speaker cloth on 'em!
vandy 5 series, beuhorns, lowthers...
there are whole arsenal of ones uglier than loiminchay imho.
B&W Nautilus top of the line. Looks like the Mother Alien...

Rja - cool nickname.
Ok, i will me some of the ugliest are:
Sonus Faber Stradivari
New 40th Anniversay BW (looks like a trashcan)
I was waiting for a thread like this.

Some trash cans are similar in look to Wilson sophias, W/P., genesis 5.1, B&W anniversaries.

My quads ESLs are like tombstones.

Dynaudio C2 & C4 double duties as traffic lights.

SMall Kharmas are like monkey coffins.
All of them - according to my wife.
Hill Plasmatronics (late 1970's)
They looked like old ice boxes from the 1930's!
Still the best midrange and tweeter I've ever heard.
I nominate the Calix Signature Phoenix Grand:

I saw these in person at one of the Stereophile shows, and I think they actually look a lot more bizarre in person.
Spica Angelus. Remind me of the nuns that would rap my knuckles with a ruler.
Ugly?! You ain't seen ugly till you seen this bad boy. A close rival might be these deluxe USB tethered speakers. I hear a supertweeter on the HK's makes a world of difference though.

Can anything beat the new Thiel 3.7?
Marco- You win. I was going to say Wilson Alexandrias or B&W Nautilus in the Tiger's Eye finish. On second thought, maybe Marco's should be nominated for funniest. Not funniest looking, just funniest.
On second thought, I might take the Loiminchay if it came with extra shrimp 8<)
Marco- Before you knock the Hello Kitty's, you should really hear them driven by a fine 300B SET. It's like Kelly Clarkson is in the room with you!
Without a doubt, the ugliest speaker of all time is made by Tetra. Jesus Christ, I would be scared to meet any person who has actually spent $15,000 on these. Disturbing...
Alon (Nola), and if you take one apart you find that ugly goes all the way through.
Ugliest speakers for me are the Oskar Veil Kithara but they do sound good.

Always believe that the main thing a system is suppose to do is giving a good sound.

Is look that important? I presume. A local dealer told me after I asked him why he was not carrying any Audio Note speakers is mainly because they don't look expensive even if they sound pretty good.

It is a shame that peoples will eliminate some products base on look. But it is a factor any shop have to take into consideration.
The Jadis Eurythmie reminds of the alien band singer in "Return of the Jedi". The new B&W reminds me of a character in the video game "Virtua Fighter" whose made out of logs.
Do any of you remember the Joly line of products from Taiwan?
Was wondering if we were going to get the Eurythmies.

On AA, they have been compared to Spongebob Squarepants and also Yosemite Sam (in addition to the Star Wars singer).
cones look ugly, but many of the cabinets are not.

who wants to look at an ugly cone, when you can look at a flat, thin sleek and elegant speaker, like a magnepan.

the thinner the batter. thick speakers are ugly.

panels rule, don't be an acoustic suspension fool !
Thank you Pcking for that link.

My wife likes the Perfect8 Forces!

God, I love that girl.
Revel Salons.
Virtually ALL floorstanding speaker (ie boxy speakers) leave everything to be desired vis-à-vis aesthetic appeal.
Those gawd awful Alon speakers with the ugly curve on that panel up top are incredibly ugly. Talon's look like they were designed by someone whose main line of work is designing furniture for Sears. What's wrong with floorstanding boxes? At least form follows function.
Yes, thanks for the link, Pcking and Tbone.

Tbone, yep. Thats whats known as a 'two-bagger'....

Joeylawn, I happen to like the looks (no accounting for taste I guess) but people tend to not be very neutral on the looks. I do admit that when you sit in front of them, they do sometimes have this "giant flower" thing (think The Wall) going on... especially if one has had a few drinks out...
Tbone, my apologies if I offended you.
Also, Tbone, you are right about "taste". Cain and Cain speakers are Very popular in here, but I think they look awful.
Absolutely no apologies needed joeylawn. Note I was the one pointing out the other ways people have ragged on them... and given how many different times and ways they have showed up in "ugly speaker threads", not much one can do about it :^)

And in any case, if other people really don't like them that much, they don't have to listen to music in my living room and can stay in the front hall instead :^)
Popluhv wrote:
I was there, and Steve wouldn't have known about them if I hadn't arranged the event and taken him there. Yeah, they're kind of an acquired taste :-) They were driving them to very loud levels in their factory with an 11 W/ch Cary 300B amp. Haven't seen the guys in several years. Very nice fellows, building them on the side.
I think there are a few speakers, as well as components, whose superb performance transcends their ugly appearance.
The first time I saw Cain & Cain's at an S'hile show, I spent all of 1.5 minutes in the room because of the looks. The driver section reminds me of the end result when someone gets punched in the eye...UGH!