Ugh, what to do, what to do... DAC

Well, I am interested in buying a DAC and having such a hard time finding the right fit for my system. Right now, I am using my Squeezebox touch (stock) running into my Melody SP3 thats powering my Strata Minis. My musical taste runs from mostly classic rock to alternative. I enjoy the sound of the squeezebox but it seems as if everyone and there brother agree that adding a DAC will improve things greatly. My budget is $1000.

Interested in the EE plus, Wyred 1 or Rega...

What would you suggest?

BTW, not sure of it matters but my room is TINY. 11x12...
"it seems as if everyone and there brother agree that adding a DAC will improve things greatly."

That depends and may not always be the case.

An external DAC will likely change the sound but that does not assure any improvement, only a different sound. It's a matter of what your goals are soundwise for the DAC compared to current sound.

What aspects of the current sound are you looking to change or improve?
Musical Fidelity V-DAC
PS Audio Link DAC III
Wyred 4 Sound DAC 1
or for slightly more $, the outstanding Bel Canto DAC 3.

I've used all of these with my Squeezebox 3 and Squeezebox Duet and they've all improved the sound a LOT. More detail, space around the instruments and extension at both the highs and lows.
The Centrance Dacmini looks interesting for $795; I have mine on order. Current users say it has smooth mids and highs. I'm hoping they're correct.
My suggestion is to pick up that used Havana. I am using one with a SB Touch and it sounds great.

I`d suggest looking into the Metrum Octave DAC,ultra competitive in this price range.
I think Mapman makes a very good point, and is asking a very insightful question.
You ask a good question, what to do? Mapman offers a good response, what are you looking for? Unfortunately there is little opportunity to audition most of these DACs unless you purchase. Maybe someone could start a DAC swap club with all the threads asking the same question as you, just thinking out loud:)

After purchasing 3 digital components over the past 9 months I personally WILL NOT purchase any future DACs or digital components new without the opportunity to audition first. If this isn't possible, purchase used and you will lose less in the event things don't pan out, some buy DACs as frequently as shoes, too many DACs, never too many shoes. Another thing to pay attention to is the fact that some of these DACs have non-transferable warranties to the 2nd owner. I feel this should be a major consideration in your choice if you can't listen first so check that as well. This fact will lessen the value on resale unless you are prepared to drop 250.00 or more on some. Some hold their value better, the MHDT Havana for instance. More cavaets than recommendations, there are tons of threads on that. The bottom line is I would recommend you do plenty of research on the ones that catch your fancy and audition first if possible, if not purchase used.
In lieu of more info on your goals, I might recommend any of the mhdt DACs I am familiar with. If your goal is more of a tubelike sound, then a Paradisea or Havana would fit the bill. If you are looking for more SS like noise floor, tightness and extension out of the box without dealing with tube rolling, then the mhdt Constantine if you can find one is a steal.
I enjoyed a benchmark dac with my squeezebox for many years. Well worth a $1,000 upgrade sound wise.
I agree with Chalres1dad. I'm getting wonderful results using the Metrum Octave DAC. Having owned both the Paradisea 3+ and Havana from MHDT, I believe the Metrum is a better far.
How does the Wyred DAC1 compare to the Metrum?