UGH...The tired, "BEST" Rock guitarist thread

Only because  I found a REALLY  good  copy of terrible  Ted's debut(his best IMO) yesterday, I'm sharing this one. Ted describing the electric  guitar God hierarchy gets my vote. I tapped out after Dog Eat Dog(before Derek St Holmes was dropped.) Those 2 albums and early Amboy Dukes still sound great to me.



The  title implies one of those silly, chest pounding, insert the name threads, BUT is clarified with Theodore talking about Eddie.

Since Whitefish1175 decided to jack the thread with something completely UNRELATED, I'll pile on to it. Along with my Teddy LP, I got this-:

Jean Luc Ponty Play the music of Frank Zappa-excellent!




"For me Eddie was best rock guitarist long before Ted said so…"

johhnycamp5- I knew from the first time I heard VH's cover of "You Really Got Me" in 1978 that EVH was different and, unique. After seeing VH, it was confirmed.

Ted is so polarizing, I think it's cool he mentions EVH as a "BEST".

Mastery, passion, intelligence, creative genius, humility, and modesty...Mahavishnu John McLaughlin had it all. With Miles and then with MO...transcendent.

But maybe you don't count him as "Rock".

IMO Hendrix was the greatest in Rock history in that case.  Beck, Page, Clapton, FZ (and Dweezil), SRV, EVH, Larry Carleton, you name it...none contributed as much to the development of "Rock" as Jimi did in his too short life on the scene.

You dudes all need to chill.  Maybe take a journey to the center of your mind.  🤣

 " Maybe take a journey to the center of your mind."

bigtwin- +1

Amboy Dukes LP's fortunately are always in the 3/$10 bin, but I haven't found an unmolested copy yet. I have the debut and "Call of the Wild".