Ugh....dropped the stylus on the platter

I was adjusting my turntable level which somehow was slightly out of level and the cue lever was down and arm resting on arm rest. The arm rest has a small magnet that is supposed to keep it there, as there is no locking mechanism. Any how somehow the tonearm fell off the rest and bounced across the non moving platter and leather mat coming to rest near spindle. This is a moving coil sumiko blue point no 2. So,  I took a look and listen and it seems ok to me, but being anal about my audio and system I cant but help stressing over it and thinking I damaged 30 plus years this is the first time I’ve done this...lesson learned I guess, as next time I will ty wrap the darn arm to the rest when making adjustments.
Sounds like you dodged a bullet...if you tinker around with the system accidents will happen. But that’s what makes it fun.  Carry on!
Yes I believe I lucked out. The cantilever looks perfectly straight and the diamond stylish appears perpendicular to the record groove, looking at it through a magnifying glass. I played a couple of records and they seemingly sound fine. I guess I keep on truckin' lol.....
Has anyone had a record slip through your fingers while flipping it over and have it slide like a frisbee passing the back of the turntable and sliding all the way down the back of the cabinet?

Mijostyn, LOL!
I guess I’m just naturally careful - especially where such mishaps have a severely adverse effect on my wallet!
PTSD doesn’t begin to describe it.  :D :D