Uesugi vs Shindo Luxman Air Tight Yamamoto

Has anyone compare Uesugi tube gear against the above names?
Apparently, Uesugi is very popular among the Japanese?

Please indicate the specific model that you've dealt with.
never heard of them before. links?
Here is a small selection of their products. Uesugi is a well-respected brand of tube gear (mostly press, amps, phono stages) which has been sold both as finished products and as kits. They can be purchased new through a number of brick and mortar stores in Japan, and on the used market (check hifido.com). MSRP ranges from a couple of thousand USD to $10k+.

I have had limited listening experience with Uesugi products. What I have heard I have enjoyed. Their best phono stage (out of production now) is a keeper but it is not dirt cheap.

I don't have direct comparison experience to compare specific models of brands mentioned in similar systems.