Uesugi UTY-7 phono stage

Hi, Does anybody have any experience or information about the Uesugi UTY-7. I recently saw one for sale and I'm thinking of getting hold of it as an upgrade to my current phono stage which is by trigon. I'm also using an Uesugi Bros 5L step up trans so thinking it might be a good match.
Tried to search this model on the forums but nothing so far. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Perhaps this will be of limited usefulness but, I believe....
It was sold in a limited edition in the early 90s (replaced by the Bros-20 (a single chassis phono pre) in the mid-90s). It had an MSRP of JPY 350,000, which would have been about $2800-3000 back in early 90s dollars. It had a great reputation when it was originally built and still has a pretty good reputation locally (in Japan). I haven't seen one for sale for months - I would say they usually come up once or twice a year on the Yahoo Auctions (local version of fleapay) and less often than that on HiFiDo. Not quite hens' teeth but certainly not just there for the asking. I do not have a clue what they go for, though Uesugi has decent resale value in Japan, AND this has a rep, AND it is rare,which means that while I would normally expect a secondary market value 40-50% range of MSRP given its age, Uesugi gets a better secondhand premium that that, and the UTY-7 is probably even a bit better (though that is just speculation on my part).

I have not listened to it and personally do not know anyone who has ever had one. If I found one for cheap (say, $1k or so), I might buy it just to see what it was like, because I would be pretty sure to be able to sell it afterwards.
Thanks for the info T_bone,
The price of this is indeed around 40% of original retail so I'm also tempted to get it on spec. I have just made the reservation on audiounion (japanese used store similiar to hifido)so i'll have a look at it over the weekend. I've only just recently discovered uesugi products and find them quite interesting. You are right in that they seem to be very popular in japan.
I'm hoping it will be a marked improvement over my current stand alone phono stage - Trigon vanguard II, which is relatively budget compared to the Uesugi.
Uesugi do not seem to have their own website which seems to be same for several other japanese companies, highphonic for example.
Anyway, thanks again
Hmmm... I looked on Audiounion after i wrote that (because they occasionally have Uesugi stuff, and they are one of the only places to have Linear Technology stuff) and I did not notice it. I guess that means you live in Tokyo too though... Pity that it is tough to test much in their stores... That said, I would imagine that for 140k yen you could do a lot worse (but I know nothing of the Trigon), and if you decide you don't like it, it will not lose you much (if anything) if you decide to sell it on YahooAuc.

Have never seen a website for Hiphonic. For some reason, I thought that Uesugi was being distributed by someone like Esoteric, but I could be wrong. You might try their website (not TEAC/Esoteric but the Japanese website).
I presume audiounion took off the listing once they recieved my reservation for the uesugi. You're right about the distribution of Uesugi. I noticed that Esoteric have a link to the UT-50 integrated amp. However, I wonder if this is a joint venture between the two companies as the website does not include other models of uesugi.

Btw, you guessed right - moved from UK to Tokyo couple of years back and have since discovered a new found past-time of buying up old vinyl LPs in recofan and diskunion. Any other recommendations would be gratefully appreciated.
I think recofan is a terrible place and you should never ever go back there (because you might buy the stuff I want to buy). Recofan is just down the street from me and that makes it downright dangerous, and I go there as often as I go to all the other places I visit combined I guess at this point, so no other recommendations really (if I were into records at 10k yen a pop, I might have some, but I am not. In any case, recently I have been avoiding the place just to listen to what I have, but I am sure I will be back there over the holidays...

You might be right about a possible Esoteric/Uesugi JV on that one amp, but for some reason I seem to remember seeing more of their stuff on the Esoteric/Teac site before... tho could be wrong.
hehe,..I know your feeling. I prefer recofan and luckily there are a few scattered around near me too. The largest one I came across was the one near tokyo hands in shibuya though. It can be rather addictive, however I'm also not into shelling out 10k for a record.
Thanks for the tip, guys. I will be sure to visit Recofan in Shibuya, next time I visit my son in Tokyo. I've bought a whole lot of jazz records from Audio Union near the Ochanomizu station. Don't be too concerned; there are only so many LPs that will fit in my suitcase for the return trip.
Lewm, the one in Shibuya is less than a 5-min walk from home - pure torture sometimes. If you are willing to sift through the cheap bins, there is the occasional gem. Otherwise, there is lots of good stuff there at "regular" prices. If you are looking for the 6-eye KOB, or original BN pressing of 60s jazz, it will cost you a pretty penny (anywhere you go), but if you are looking for good stuff to listen to, it's probably the best and cheapest place to go in Tokyo.
Disk Union in Ochanomizu has a decent jazz selection. There are a few local LP stores where I live (Shimokitazawa), but Time in Takadanobaba, and Parade in Mitaka are better.

The major problem in Tokyo is having the space to put LP purchases. If I had the money to live in a larger place, I'd certainly own more LPs! (grin).

regards, jonathan carr
just had a listen to the uesugi at audiounion kichijoji. from what i heard it sounds great. a very pure and uncoloured sound which is what i've been after. they'll part exchange with my trigon too and a couple of other items that i rarely use.so i should be up and running at the end of the week.
the shop assistent also mentioned as did t_bone that this model rarely comes up for sale so the timing was good as i have been unsure of my trigon for a while.
going to celebrate and head off to recofan.
Kohey, many months later how do you like the Uesugi? Anyone else have experience with this?
Hello T-bone,
Thank you for the check in..I haven't been on here for a while and infact was going to do another search for advice.
Anyway, many months on and the Uesugi is absolutely fantastic, jumping straight in all those months ago was a good move. I haven't seen many that come up for sale. I'm sure my system if perhaps better matched will make it even better. I'm sure there are many other great phonos out there.
Since that purchase I have spent most of my money on records and avoided the urge to keep experimenting with costly cables and what not.
However, I have just come across a Rotel Michi RHC10 passive preamp and i am wondering how it will sound matched up with my Rotel RHB-05. Considering that they were designed together I'm thinking that it will be great.
Currently have a passive attenuator by Highphonics HCA-08CB - very small company in japan ex denon guys I think.
Works well but I'm thinking I should really plunge for the RHC10..too good a bargain to pass up. What do you think?
Kohey, Good to hear you like the Uesugi.
I know nothing of the Rotel, or the Highphonics.