U2 fans: Where can I find this "Bullet" ?

A few days ago I heard a fantastic live "Bullet the Blue Sky" on the radio but the dj gave no background when it was over.
It started with a prerecorded what sounded like a psa and Bono singing torward the end
"Pull the trigger, I'm a rock and roll nigger"
Thanks for your help!
U2 has driven me crazy over the years with some stellar Live DVD's and NOTHING released on CD...if there was 1 band I'd want a live CD from it would be U2. Screw you Bono!
I don't know where you can find a live version of "Bullet", but for live U2 on CD there is "Under a Blood Red Sky", and "Rattle and Hum" is available on both DVD and CD.
That track is a B side from a single.
This version of Bullet The Blue Sky is from the "Elevation Tour 2001: Live From Boston" DVD. I do not have it listed on any of their singles or from "The Complete U2" iTunes set. I copied the audio from the DVD to CD a few years back, but do not know where it would be.

The speech given during this version of the song is in regards to gun violence in America and (the part that you referenced) assassination of John Lennon.

Hope this helps!

Thanks to all for your response.
Yes Brian, that's the one.
Thanks again.