U-Haul Small Shipping Boxes for vinyl

I’ve seen recommendations for using these boxes to move vinyl, but given the stated size I wasn’t sure if they would work for large, hard cased box sets like the Beatles Mono, etc. Can anyone say if they’ve gotten these large hard case box sets to fit properly in this box?

I just think I answered my own question. I measured my Beatles Mono box and it’s about 13.5” across. Too big for this U-Haul Small Box. :-(
In movers' terminology what you need are "book boxes".  If you have a lot of vinyl, they're cheaper from some generic or wholesale outlet.  However, they are sized for standard LPs. The strength of a packed box is predicated on it being filled to the edge, so oversize won't fit.
If you are doing the move yourself go to your local adult beverage store and ask for some empty wine boxes . Cheap and effective.
You have to package the large boxes separately. You want the records to fit tight so they do not slide around.

That’s a good idea. I like that. Since the bulk of my collection is regular single disk vinyl, it makes more sense to get most of the boxes to suit them. I can get one or two boxes suited to a larger size to deal with the box sets. 
So here’s my experience so far. 

I saw the HD has Heavy Duty Small shipping boxes. Higher ECT than some of the others, and 12x12x12 - seemingly perfect. I went and bought one to try out. The inside is just a touch too small. The records won’t slide in edge to edge. So that’s out. I stopped at U-Haul and got one of their Small Shipping Boxes. Regular jacketed records fit perfectly, but anything in a box set case will not. No matter - as @mijostyn suggested I can just get the few slightly larger boxes I’d need for those. 

The problem is that if the U-Haul box is completely filled from one side to the other with records, the fold-in handles will rip away from the weight of the box. It turns out that the handles are just good enough (to account for any chance of rough handling) holding a stack of records about 12x12x12. So I think that’s what I’m going to do moving forward, putting the records in the center and using peanuts or small soft items to stuff on either side. 

The U-line 13x13x13 boxes would seem to be perfect, but the shipping is cost prohibitive. If I had a 10,000 record collection that might be one thing, but for the 20 or so boxes I’d need I’d pay close to same amount in shipping as the price for the boxes. This may or may not be useful to anyone else.