U-Discover Mag Lists The 50 Greatest Jazz Albums

U-Discover magazine just issued their list of the 50 greatest jazz albums of all time. Well, everbody's got an opinion, and I don't totally agree with their list..but at least they've got a list. I checked their list and I own 15 of the albums on the list.

How many albums on the list do you own?

What albums do you feel are glaring omissions from the list?
Being influential should not be a major criteria when critiquing the performance of a recording. It is irrelevant if "Head Hunters" influenced hip hop or that "Bitches Brew" helped create a genre know as fusion jazz. I think Miles is still laughing at the praise this incoherent recording receives. Freddie Hubbard-Joe Sample-Chuck Mangione-Earl Klugh and many others have all made better fusion jazz recordings. There is also a serious neglect of jazz vocalists, and finally omitting Black Codes(Wynton Marsalis)is almost as ridiculous as this list!
Chuck Mangione? Earl Klugh?!?! They made pleasant fusionjazz-lite
recordings; but, better than "Bitches Brew" and "Headhunters" (even
putting aside their influence)? We are all entitled to our opinions, but this is
clearly a case of Mars and Venus.
Very good list, I own about 37 (more added daily!).
My nitpick: I think of an album as an artist's original work of art. Some of those releases were merely compilations of 78 rpm material. Ie, compilations by a record company, not an individual work of art. Also detracts from the "fact" that the best music ever recorded was in fact during the 78 rpm era. But that's a topic for another... discussion or flame war.