Tyr 2 vs Valhalla v2

Hi guys 

im on the edge on getting myself n upgrade on loudspeaker cables and power cables. 

Current setup: devialet 250, b&w 800 diamond 2*velodyne dd15+

I have been auiditing frey 2 and tyr 2 loudspeaker cables. 
They both are another world upgrade from blue heaven which i already have. 
The Main differense between the tyr 2 and frey 2 are that the tyr 2 are more punchy in the bass on my setup. If the price difference between tyr and frey is worth IT is discussable. 

The thing i Wonder, how would the Valhalla v2 stand againt tyr 2 (and frey2) loudspeaker cables.

is there anyone out there tested this? My dealer dont have the Valhalla v2 for auditioning.

if anyone have any experience with the powercables frey2, tyr2 and Valhalla v2. Feel Free comment the experiences:)

Here is my experience with the Nordost cable line:

There is improvement as you move up the line.

The power cables make the most difference, followed by interconnect cables, with the speaker cables making a noticeable, but the lease difference.

I made each upgrade after careful comparison to my existing cable. One of the main differences I noticed moving up the Nordost line was a reduction in background noise resulting in a blacker background, and a bigger sound stage.

My system is posted here so you can look at it if you like.

I am currently using V2 speaker cable, V2 power cable, and Tyr 2 interconncts.
"They both are another world upgrade from blue heaven which i already have."

skrymar-that had to be a significant jump. I was so pleased with just replacing some ancient BH speaker cables to Heimdall II, I replaced everything from the wall and IC's to H2 in my modest setup.

My system can't  justify going higher, but yours clearly would.

Good luck, and don't tell the wife how much you've spent$$

Jperry thx for the input here, im afraid its just gonna be better with the Valhalla v2, 

might be better idea get tyr 2 louspeaker cables, and than still afford the valhalla 2 power cable ? (as pr today i have no special power cable at all)

might be a better upgrade than gong for valhalla v2 speaker cables and than not can afford the power cables..

realy nice setup you have there man, and a cool looking room aswel.
Mancave delux.

Tablejockey: yea it was a dramatic lift when changing from old blue heaven series to the Frey 2 and Tyr 2..  Even wife heard clear upgrades, and she have spend less than 5 hours listen to my setup. and not intrested at all..  i did a blind test on her, telling all cables was around the same price. and she didnt know which i even had from before. voices clearer and instrument more natural. More details.

hehe no i cant tell her prices on this stuff... havnt bought cables yet though.. only borrowed them. but there gonna be a change.

A group of us attended a Nordost demo at a local shop.  The Nordost rep was great and really didn't try to play games.  He did a complete power cable comparison on the CD player only-keeping all else equal on this $50k system.
The stock cord to the Blue Heaven was a huge jump.  Then going up to the Red Dawn was another huge jump.  Here's where things digress:  If money was no object, the Valhalla was another noticible jump in quality.  My problem was in between.  The Frey & Tyr went kind of sideways.  They had a different sound.  Can't say bad but not congruent with the rest to us.  You need to listen.  I'd take the Red Dawn or Blue Heaven over them.
"the Valhalla was another noticible jump in quality. My problem was in between. The Frey & Tyr went kind of sideways. They had a different sound."

elevick- I too have sat through a couple of Nordost sessions. I agree, once the stock cable is replaced with BH, things in between became increasingly subtle, until Valhalla/Odin.

That said, Heimdall works out as the "go to" for my midfi gear. Starting with BH, the power cord is the best buy. For the rest of the cables, Heimdall gets the "trickle down" from Valhalla.

If my system were top notch, I wouldn’t hesitate to go V/O.
thx all for inputs..

seems like im falling on the choice to get the Valhalla v2 speaker cables and power cable.  I havnt heard them or have no chance to hear them before buying.  i hope its gonna be a good jump up from the Tyr2 s..

i realy liked the grand slam the tyr 2 has. hope valhalla have the same punch.


Have you got the Valhalla v2 power cords and V2 Speaker cables ? and how is your perception on what you get ?

For others here i can say that i have started upgrading Power Cords started with Heimdall 2 , after i had a loan of Frey 2. That was interesting as the Heimdall 2 is a good cable it seems to lack some prat... what i mean is when i had the 2 x Frey 2 power cords in my system my feet simply kept tapping. So i was curious on why that stopped with Heimdall 2, as i also got a loan of Sort Kones , i thought they might have done something with the sound , they do in a really good way , but what about the foot tapping prat.
So went back to dealer and he kindly enough loaned me 1 x Frey 2 power cord....and wooouser the foot tapping back on.

Now i also am thinking if i should start with 2 x Frey 2  or just start with 1 x Frey 2 and then next a Tyr 2.

Yea i have got my Valhalla2 setup.

I have to say its very detailed and open. instruments are clearer and fuller. havnt done any A B testing with any other cables yet.

I can say i enjoy listening music more than before. It keep surprising me with all music. live music especially.

I guess the cables are not completly burned in yet.

Putting on anything with Danheim blows me pretty much away with details and depth. compared to what i had before.

worth the jup up from Tyr2.. quite not sure. havnt A B tested.

My wallet is broke and my musical soul in nirvana

Just seen your response now, and i can say that i am testing loudspeaker cable , my dealer lent me a pair of Frey 2. 
And home i went , listening to some music on my current Yter speaker cables which i run biwired... and always thought they did pretty good.
But i was not prepared for the Frey 2 making such a difference ... better seperation in the soundstage , much deeper soundstage , much quieter , so no i not only am upgrading my power cords , but will also have to think of speaker cables.
The Heimdall 2 power cord , took from December to March before it settled in ( it could also be the QB 4 ) but now its really good for the money.
Just ordered a Frey 2 Power cord.

And congratulations on your purchase , i am sure you are in audio nirvana , despite your wallet is broke :-)   
Nice thread. Been reading it as I have added some Nordost cables. I have a new Vahalla 2 power cable I use from the Wall to the QB8. Then a frey 2 on the McIntosh preamp. This is my dilemma. Nordost can still make the Odin power cable. Not talking Odin 2. But the cost for the Odin power isn’t that much more than the V2.

Anyone here demo’d the odin? I will need at least 3 more power cords; for each of the McIntosh power amps, and the DAC. Probably like many here, I can't afford all at once. Kind of buy one then recover, then another. :) 
I have an all Nordost system.  For years I had been using a Valhalla 1 PC to power my Qbase.   About a year ago I bought an Odin 1 PC and inserted it to power my Qbase.  Wow what a difference!  It is so much better in every way over the Valhalla 1 PC.  I now have 3 Valhalla 1 PC’s plugged into my Qbase that the Odin 1 PC is feeding.  I have not tried a Valhalla 2 PC but would like to.  I use Sort Fut, Sort Kones (TC) and Valhalla 2 speaker cables.  I went from Tyr 2 to Valhalla 2 speaker cables and thought the jump was huge.  I think the jump from a Valhalla 1 PC to an Odin 1 PC was way bigger.  For me (in my system) power cords made the biggest improvement followed by speaker cables then interconnects.

I see that your using NordOst Sort Fut , what did they do for your speakers ? 

@fdpdk,  inserting Nordost Sort Fut in place of the stock spikes really brought the music into focus.  Instruments and voices within the soundstage became more defined and separated.  It kind of has the effect of focusing a telescope or binoculars.  Stillpoints Ultra 5's and IsoAcoustics Gaia's are similar products.... Also using Sort Kones under components resulted in a very positive and similar effect.

Thank you very much for you telling me about your experience :)  Highly appreciated.
Like others, adding the Vahalla 2 PC as the main feed to my QB8 made one of the biggest (non speakers) upgrades yet.  Like Timothy Glover I’m likely to buy an Odin1 as the main feed and move the V2 to my Esoteric NO1.  

I am also using SortFut and SortKones. The SortFut removed a layer of distortion I did not know was there and tightened up the bass.

V2 cable into the the QBase also made a big improvement removing a layer of distortion.

Thank you very much , i have a dealer that has been really great in letting me loan many different cables from NordOst and have also tried the V2 which is for sure very good. The problem is more with something like the SortFut , not as easy to swap in and out as cables.
I am in the process of upgrading my cabling and already now know that i will need 1 more Frey 2 Power Cord , and then i think i might go for LS cables , and will hopefully also get the chance to listen to Tyr 2 Ls cables.
And i do agree that it is really interesting what they can do.
I agree that the SortFut takes time and effort to install. My dealer loaned a set to me and he did not get them back. Too much improvement to return them. If you try them be sure you level the speakers carefully and make sure none of the SortFut are loose.
I agree with jperry about leveling the speakers carefully. Nordost sells the Sort Fut 2 ways. (1) a set of 4 feet and (2) a premium package that includes 4 feet, a laser level and other tools to ensure the speakers are the same height and level (front to back and side to side). The laser level is also good for getting the same toe-in and insuring the height level at the listening position..... I have seen dealers selling 2 sets of 4 Sort Fut without the leveling package because it’s a little cheaper but IMO it’s worth it to purchase 1 premium package and 1 standard package to insure your speakers are set-up their best.....makes a big difference!
@jperry @ron17
Thank you to both of you for the great advices , will for sure take notice when the time comes for looking further into the SortFut.
Hey Guys a few updates since July. So I added a Odin PC to the mix. Now I have an Odin PC from the wall to the QB8. Then another Odin PC for the Mac C1100 preamp and moved the Valhalla 2 PC to the DAC. For now the Frey 2 is going to be used in the Media room. :)

I can say confidently that my system is truly kicking ass :) The detail and the separation and soundstage are world class.

I have one more Odin PC on the way...My plans will be to keep an Odin on the QB8. Then move the 2 Odins to the Mono amps.

Maybe, just maybe, I will land an Odin 2 for the QB8. :) Then the preamps and amps will all have Odins.
Ok that was entirely too many Odins in that post! :) :) 

Short Version: 

Since July I have added: 
2 Odin PCs and WOW. Just WOW. 

Got one more on the way. :) 

I borrowed an Odin power cord to try in my QBase 8 and all I can say is that now I want one for my own. 

Congratulations on your new Odin Power Cords, and it sounds like something i should not try out in my system :)

I did have an opportunity to try Tyr 2 and Valhalla 2 Speaker Cables , and i can only say that i am amazed what Valhalla 2 can do. Shockingly great as one gets new speakers or amplifier in a different league .
But i could of course think of 2nd. hand Odin Power cord to feed my QB4.
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Another update over a year later. 

Now in my system lies an Odin 2 to the QB8. Then all the main components : Preamp/DAC/Mono Amps all have Odin 1 power cables. 

Truly remarkable what it's done to my system. Very expensive but worth the investment. 
Hi timothyglover,
Congrats on getting to where you are at on cabling!
Could you describe the sonic difference you experienced when you switched out the Odin 1 PC for the Odin 2 PC to the QB8? Were you able to do that a/b comparison?  Curious your findings...
I once asked a dealer, what is the most extreme customer you've had.
He told me, a guy buying a $25000 speaker tearing out all internal cable and replaced it with Valhalla. He told me, the cabling probably cost more than the speakers.
Here is my system , I was thinking of using
valhalla 2 on the K01-XD and 2 on the psu for the C1


Esoteric Grandioso C1 Preamp 

Esoteric K-01XD

Taiko Audio SGM Extreme 

Constellation Centaur ll 500 


Cybershaft  OP21A-D / LTPW01 

Focal Maestro Utopia Evo 


I'd like your insight as you indicate that Purist is better.

I am using Nordost Heimdall 2 for XLR and AES and speaker cable, Frey 2 PC on source, and IsoTek Optimum PC on amp/preamp.

I'm truly interesting in your input on this topic. Where in the Purist line do I need to go to do better than Frey 2?

I appreciate you comments.
Hi,The 3 PURIST cables are Vesta,Genesis and Musaeus i do not know the prices.Im using Corvus and Dominus which are much more expensive.This company makes very musical cables which always get great reviews hope this helps.