Typical New Speaker Dealer Discount A Buyer May Expect

I'm searching for new speakers and am willing to spend around $7K to $8K, or so.  I'm wondering if that amount generally represents a final discounted cost off MSRP of $9K to $10K, or 15% to 20%?  This figure is what I've estimated based on a number of member comments in terms of new equipment discounts.  Do discounts vary significantly from dealer to dealer, speaker brand to brand in this price range?  This will help me in terms of budgeting and in terms of which speakers to begin the process of narrowing down for final selection, and whether to purchase new or used.
wide range of margin so you can expect some discounting with high margin brands to make you feel better...

IMO shop on value and services delivered...

just my buck fifty...
IMO, it depends on the dealer.  Dealers in midtown Manhattan are carrying a lot higher overhead than ones in smaller Midwest cities.  Sometimes a dealer will be closing out a line of speakers you happen to want and you may pick up a sizable discount.  
All that aside, first find a speaker you really love.  Then worry about the discount. Really.  
Surplus=more discount. So, it's all depends on what speakers you want. They are not going to give you 20% off when it will be sold tomorrow. But I can see you might get up to 10% off, if you are repeated customer and rich. 
10% off from a dealer is reasonable but you can buy used typically at 50% off. IMHO buying new is huge waste of money since there is so much used out here. My apologies to all the dealers out there. 

My new speakers went for 8500,00 and I got a 500.00 discount.  This happened only after I pointed out to the dealer that I had already spent 8000.00 in the past 7 months with no discount.  Never hurts to ask but don't expect to buy a Wilson or Magico brand new with a discount.

When I sold Audio for a living, we were told that the store had to make at least 30% profit on what we sold.  Some items have less markup than speakers which are usually done at 50%.  If a dealer sells at full retail, they usually net 40%.

The % off has much to do how well it is selling , and integrity of the brand. Also new models less so, as well as popularity.
First purchase from a dealer on a high ticket item 10% is good. I would try a bit higher discount on my next purchase. If you stick with one dealer, you can do very well, discount wise. Make sure you curb you attitude.
Excellent responses - very helpful!  Thank you for your insights. 
Curiously the Same question was raised also recently 

The responses there were also similarly predictable 
it's like asking "how long is a piece of string?", with the logical answer being "it depends".......
Curiously the Same question was raised also recently 

The responses there were also similarly predictable 
it's like asking "how long is a piece of string?", with the logical answer being "it depends".......

Curious, OP, what speakers are you thinking of getting?  I am narrowing down my list, and I have a similar budget as yours.  I am considering used, as this range of $$ gives me some very, very nice options. 


One of the main considerations for a dealer is what is the products cost. The ’margin’ on one brand may be much higher than on another. (also some companies ’frown’ on dealers giving discounts.. the dealer may lose the line it be known they regularly discount that product)
The second question for a dealer is "who are you?" Are you some stranger asking over the phone for a 20% discount" or a customer who has bough multi thousands of equipment over many years.
Then the facts of any business, Do they have too many in stock? is it actually hard to keep in stock?
Finally the personal interaction.

And yes, just like new cars dealers discounting, each dealer is totally different, and may offer a discount before you even ask, Or they may show you the door.
@ Elizabeth

Thanks for your informative response covering a number of aspects in the question I posed.

My own recent experience supports those responses.  Interestingly, I have found that different authorized dealers for the particular speaker I asked about varied by as much as 15% .  I'm betting the dealer selling for list moves a lot of them, where other dealers moved few of them.   I was also impressed at how easy it was to discuss discounts without pitfalls often associated with that subject.  It certainly doesn't hurt to ask in a diplomatic manner when effectively communicating you are a serious buyer and fully prepared to make a decision.
I paid list for the last set of speakers I purchased (I did not ask for a discount, and I told the dealer I would not be asking for a discount). The dealer gives above and beyond service to his customers (and the the general populace on this forum) and I believe a salesperson should be compensated for the intangibles they bring to the transaction. 
I sell very high end cameras for a living, Phase One. If a new customer comes out wanting a discount right away my attitude changes. The folks who pay full retail and are nice receive service far beyond my expected duties. Find something you love and see where the sale takes you. Saving a few bucks could cost you in an experience in the end. Happy Hunting! 

I’m the same.   I know how tough it is to make money in a niche service like high end audio.   I hate haggling, feeling chintzy and trying to squeeze a dealer out of his earnings.    I pay full price.