Types of speakers to create nightclub style sound?

Admittedly, this may come off as an unsophisticated post for audiophiles, but I'm seeking advice nonetheless. 

I have a house with an open floorplan and love entertaining. I'm looking to create the auditory feeling of a high-end nightclub at home, as opposed to having a setup with the goal of creating a single ideal listening point. After traveling to Ibiza and hearing some of the world's best nightclub sound systems I fell in love with how they bathe you in sound. Since I can't fit a Funktion One Dance Stack in my home, I'm curious as to what I should look for in the home audio realm to recreate that feeling of filling a room with powerful sound that isn't super directional. 

With a total initial budget of about 4-6k (1k - 3k for a pair of speakers), what qualities should I begin looking for to create this sort of system? I'm thinking used higher-end speakers might be a better solution. 

I've noticed a few different categories of sorts: some speakers have a single driver with a wide-range, like the Zu Audio Soul, while others have several for different drivers, like B&W 603. I absolutely loved the line-source sound from Martin Logan ESL speakers, but their directionality is exactly the opposite of what I want. Moving 2 feet to the left or right of their line of fire made it sound like the music was coming from the next room over. I live in Los Angeles, so there are plenty of used, good quality, higher-end speakers circulating in the marketplace. Can anybody offer a little guidance to narrow my search for what sort of speakers/amp combination might best accomplish this? 
+1  Club systems are large, typically horn-loaded, and feature efficient drivers.

Two Bose 802’s with stands, a decent subwoofer, a 500 watt Peavy power amp, and your choice of DJ mixer. Bose 802’s will light a room, and from personal experience, I know you can push Bose 802’s a lot harder than Bose 901’s.
Check out Ohm speakers made in Brooklyn.
Don’t know how loud they get, but should bathe you in sound anywhere in your room. Use a pulsating cone that provides omni directional
sound. 60 day free trial and fairly priced.
All models are the same,  just different sizes 
depending on room size
I own two nightclubs and a bar that all have high-end Funktion One sound systems. One thing to keep in mind is the drivers in Funktion One dance stacks, included the bass drivers, are horn loaded. You won't be able to replicated this in your home on a $4-6k budget. But if you want to have a pretty good sounding rig that will play at high volumes, with wide dispersion and lots of bass, I would recommend 4 x QSC K12.2 (Powered 2-way speaker)  and 2 x QSC K181 (powered 18" sub).  I have used similar set ups at house parties with good success. This is also the preferred set up for many underground parties and mobile DJs. The total system cost would be $5200.
Altec 19 

Klipsch Forte 2 or 3 - had these in a small room, didn't think much of them - just fine. Sold them to a guy who had a very large garage/shop, and I couldn't believe the sound with a cheap receiver. The sound was exactly as you describe.

Klipsch La Scala II with a nice 50 watt amp.
I used to work in several clubs and ended up being a DJ after all was said and done. Go to Guitar Center (or any local place that does live sound reinforcement) I second some of the recommendations for Mackie, JBL!, QSC etc... There's also EV, Peavey, EAW (real high end) and others. I think for simplicity, the QSC active speakers might be your best bet... Run them Mono. If you are setting a playlist ahead of time, you could import it into Native Instruments Traktor (software) It has a feature which automatically matches the volume /levels for all the tracks, it's amazing when you are using material from different artists /albums.