Tympani 1A's and AMPLIFICATION.

I have a pair of  Maggie Tympani 1A's and was wondering what people have used for amplification, SS or Tubes or whatever.  I believe they were originally paired with Audio Research amps.  Does anyone have experience with different types of amplification with these speakers.  I am currently using a Krell KAV 300I.  These speakers are 8 ohm.
The more power the better! The T-1’s were often bi-amped in the 70’s, with a high-powered amp for the two bass panels, and a moderate one for the m/t panel. There is a lot of discussion on this topic on the Planar Speaker Asylum and MUG (Magnepan Users Group) sites.
yes, Maggie & ARC are not just neighbors but have been incestuous neighbors

more recently, Magneplanar has used Bryston amps - at least at shows

someone will mention the Sanders magtech, which is designed for electrostatics, not maggies (tho it is fine and will do a good job)

The more modern maggies need high current delivery into 4 ohms (they are not a complex impedance like electrostatics) - and likely yours are the same - owners manual should tell you this

so, it isn't really power per se - it is high current delivery into 4 ohms

got it?

AFAIK, the new Benchmark AHB2 at $3,000 will be an xlnt choice - and they have a return privilege.  There may be better SQ with a $10k Bryston, etc. - you'd need to check

BUT rather than spend uber-dollars on an amp, just buy the new 207 speakers
I don’t know about the Tympani 1A but the 1D I had loved biger model Krell type power.

Pity there were never any impedance vs -phase angle graphs done on these, I think then that will lead you to the right amplification.

Cheers George

Satie over at the Planar Speaker Asylum has a pair Tympani T-IV’s which he bi-amps, using a Crown 2000wpc amp on the T-IV bass panels! Magnepans recommended T-IV bi-amp x/o is non-symmetrical, low-pass 18dB/octave at 250Hz and high pass 6dB/octave at 500Hz. The recommended bi-amp x/o for the T-1A is symmetrical, 6dB/octave at 1000Hz for both high pass and low. Playing up that high, the amp for even the bass panels needs to possess higher sound quality than if used to only 250Hz.

The Sanders Magtech amp would be great, if your budget allows. Bi-amping allows the use of two smaller amps, a tube one for the m/t panels being a potentially great sounding possibility. I will soon be setting up my T-IV’s, using a 400wpc (@ 4 ohms) solid state amp on the two bass panels and a 100wpc tube amp for the m/t.

I already have a Krell KCT and FPB300CX but I was asking to see what other combos have been used with these speakers.  I thought that I might possibly sell the Krells if there was something that piqued my interest.  

I am using the more powerful Krells with a pair of Maggie 1.6's.

I appreciate all of your input. Thanks