Tyler U7?

Looking at a pair of Tyler U7 speakers but cant find much about them...age, performance, etc. Anyone own these or know of them. The Tyler site seems to be pretty thin generally and even on the new stuff they offer.
I believe the model is 7U - not that it matters. But look at what is available in the threads here on the Linbrook Monitor, which is the same thing, except the 7U extends the cabinet to the floor. Perhaps more bass with the 7U with the greater cabinet volume; if the crossovers are any different, you'd probably have to ask Ty himself at the company. But otherwise, they have the same drivers and such. I have not seen much on the 7U's either, but there is a lot on the monitor, and that should get you pretty close.
The 7U's do not have the same drivers as the Linbrook monitors. The 7U's use the Scanspeak Revelator tweeter while the Linbrooks use the Seas Millenium. They both use two of the Seas 7" midbass drivers. I am not sure when they were first produced, but they were current until the Decade line came out. The newer production models had the grills attached with magnets while the older ones were held on with velcro dots. They were a slim floorstander that sounded pretty decent and had bass down to about 40 hz or so. They were front ported and should work well in a smallish to medium sized room.
Why even mess with the old when Tyler has a 20 day return policy on a new pair. Tyler had some very good help and ears when designing the new line. I would call Ty and talk to him about the differences. He is very straight forward.
Go for the D3's.
I have the 7Us in my 2nd system 22X23 room with 9ft ceilings - drive them with a Plinius 8200 MK2 -very good sounding speakers; are the D3s better, I'dask Ty he's a straight shooter and let you know if there's a significant difference or not
The 7U's sound really nice. I have had them in my system some time ago. Are you buying them used? Doesn't matter really because the 7U's are a very speaker. Personally I would buy the D3's if you are buying new.
Oppty is to buy them used locally. Live in Hawaii so shipping is very high. Also no broad hi end shops so the oppty to listen to different speakers is very limited.Was interested in Ohm, Dali and Focal but would need to buy on reviews....the little I read about Tyler seemed to be positive.
I would buy 7U anyday before the Focals. Much smoother sounding. Have not heard the other 2. You can't go wrong with the 7U's.
My last speaker was the Electra 936. Now it is the D3 with JL Audio subs. Female vocals are amazing!
I live in Hawaii too and sympathize with your difficulties in locating high end speakers here. However, if you are persistent, and check Craig's List electronics listings daily, you may get lucky. I am in th process of purchasing some Joseph Audio rm25si Signature MkIIs which I found on Craig's List for $1500.00. Currently, there are some Alon IIs and Alon IVs for sale on Craig's List which are both highly regarded speakers. You would need to do some research on them however, to see if they would be suitable to your needs. You can't just purchase something because they are reviewed well. Dig deeply into any review articles to see what they say about room size, speaker placement, and compatibility with equipment. For instance, although highly praised, the Alon IVs need to be bi or tri wired, and if you only have a single 2 channel amp, you wouldn't be able to drive them properly.