Tyler Taylo Reference Monitor Filter Switch

I have a newer set of Taylo's which have the small toggle switch by speaker posts which switches in/out a notch filter and was wondering which position owners prefer up or down and what differences you notice? (not sure if this feature is also on Linbrook Monitors)

Any other tips/observations you have to extract maximum performance?
The toggle switch reduces the midrange a little and I used it on the very rare occasion when I was playing music a little louder than I would normally. I found the tweeter a little hot at higher Dbs which is not the case with the Linbrooks I now have (different tweeter) and the Linbrooks do not have the same switch.

You might find the bass a little shy and can augment with a sub if so desired. Rather than use a sub I just moved up to the Linbrooks (although getting a sub probably would have been cheaper...)
Hi Megasam. I recently acquired a pair of these fine monitors here on A'gon used with the toggle switch. I was told by the previous owner that they provide a small 3dB bump in the midrange. I actually prefer the switch down (no boost), the presentation seems a little smoother and balanced tonally.

I noticed in your 2 systems you're using both AP8 and AP12 cable. Do you like the AP8? I'm currently running double runs of AP12 which I'm generally happy with but would like a little more resolution. I'm considering AP9.
Tooter, thanks for info.
I actually currently have 4 different 8ft runs of AP speaker cable:
-AP Oval 12 (12 gauge copper)
-AP Oval 9 (9 gauge copper)
-AP Silver Oval (12 gauge silver)
-AP Oval 8 (8 gauge solo crystal copper)

I can use many combos to bi-wire Taylos. The Oval 8 is slighty more detailed vs Oval 9 but also much more expensive even used. I probably should sell Oval 9 now, but with 2 systems always handy to have around.

Also recently got some Bogdan Silver speaker cables that I haven't had time to audition yet.

BTW, my initial impression is that switch in down position slightly recesses images in the soundstage making them seem further behind speakers,wanted to see if others noticed same effect.

RGD, thanks for info:
I am indeed using subwoofer with these, HSU VTF-3