tyler taylo mini reference monitor

I just bought some very beautiful tyler taylo mini monitors, unheard. WOW, a step up from my favorite EPOS M5's !

I've tried to find reviews, specs etc. of this speaker with only scant results. Can anyone help?

Also, I'd welcome hearing from others that may have this speaker...your experiences.

Not sure if these are the same speakers, bu tthe review has some specs

For specs,call or e-mail Tyler Acoustics.Ty Lashbrook is a fine businessman and I am sure he would be happy to help you.This industry would be so much better if it had more people like him.
Refer to http://tyleracoustics.com/taylo.html.
Mini ref monitors use 5" drivers while ref monitors us 7" drivers.
The Ref monitor has an excellent review at audioreview, http://www.audioreview.com/mfr/tyler-acoustics/floorstanding-speakers/reference-monitor/PRD_124345_1594crx.aspx

The only site I've found about the Mini ref monitor is http://www.cooknbutch.com/ADS/Electronics/HomeTheaterSystems/item_B000COTYSI_MB7234.html