Tyler Signature or Sig System II Owners in LA?

I'm interested in listening to some Tyler Signature System or Signature System II loudspeakers in the Los Angeles area. I could bring an Exemplar Denon 3910, Purist Audio Venustas and/or Aqueous interconnects, or Purist Audio Dominus Fluid and/or Ferrox power cords as a thank you for the invitation.

Tvad, did you check Tyler's site for home demo options, I know his clients sometimes offer there speakers for demo's, maybe even if you dont find it there, those guys might know guys...etc.
I have a pair of Signature monitors in my family room in Oceanside.

Not a real fancy system (Cary 303/200 or Basis 2000/EAR 834 modified -> Dehavilland Ultraverve -> VAC PA 110 -> Tyler), but you're welcome to come down for a listen if you don't find somewhere more suitable.


I'll tell you what, the Signature monitors are not what I was looking for although I'd get an idea of the tweeter's sound, and Oceanside is a long drive from North Hollywood, but the system sounds like it is really, really nice...so I might consider it. Thanks for the opportunity!
Ty has to do something with the titles to his speakers, its too confusing to keep up. Grant it he offers at least 10 models with the seas, but the names are difficult to recall EXACTLY.
OK his LINBROOK SYSTEM 2's are a 3 way, 8woofer, 7woofer, tweet
LINBROOK SIG SYSTEM is a MTM with added dual 8's
LINBROOK SIG MONITORS are a MTM shortie. He also offers that in a tall model.
So what models are you interested in? My only option is to drive 300 miles to north of Jackson Mississippi, which is really out of practical range. 200 is my limit.
btw the seas tweet is not bright at all, don't look for spartkle, its a "beefy" tweet and has the exact qualities I (personally) prefer in a tweet. But also you want to hear more than the Tweet as the midwoofers are quite a technical feat of engineering. Maybe Jeff can take one partially out the cabinet so you can see the inners. looking at a picture of the driver on Madisounds page does not do justice to the beauty and quality of the driver, its truly a work of artcraft. The cone material is NOT attached to the inner copper core, it moves independently around the core. The innercore is solid copper, as is the magnet. bass is tight/and zero "barking" in the upper mids Also I'd describe the midwoofer's lower mids as "clean' as opposed to the typical slightly dull mids I know from every other speaker.
When you get to hear the speaker, please post a comment to ck my opinion.
I am specifically interested in the Linbrook Signature System, however I am willing to expand my listening to include Linbrook System 2s and perhaps Linbrook Signature Monitors to get a flavor of the tweeter and midrange drivers.

Bartokfan...yikes...have you met Macrojack? You two are cut from the same cloth. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. :)

BTW, what Tyler speakers do you own?