Tyler Refrence system, Good like JM lab?

Whats up with this speaker. Do his designs have it like the JM lab utopia series? Please tell me YOUR view.
I have a pair of Tyler 7's and considering getting a pair of Ref I's. The designer/owner is a straight forward guy that will special build/ modify the speaker to fit your situation (not possible with larger company). Finish- not furniture quality like JM Labs. Sound- very good/excellent for price. Remember, Ref I's are $6,200 vs. Mezzo U @ $14,000 and Utopia's @ $30,000. Great value and depending on room & electronics may be the ticket. Beware of those that believe price is the measure of performance; use your own ears and decide. PS- heard the Mezzo's and liked them but not their price.
You have to like Tyler Acoustics approach. Little hype just high quality components with a solid design all in a stylish box. The owner is just like all of us. Usually, disappointed with overprized gear. However, in defense of JM Labs I'm sure the Utopia's are not cheap to make and import.