Tyler Reference's vs. Ellis 1801's

Curious if anybody has compared the two? Thoughts or insights? Speakers to be used in a home theater/2 channel setup(in that particular order).

I realize both are excellent speakers, just checking the pulse.

Thanks in advance for your time. Regards, Jeff
I've never heard them in the same system. My impression in different systems was that the Tyler's top end was softer--or the Ellis's top end was brighter. I agree that they're both excellent speakers.

The Tylers can be bright with that Scanspeak revelator tweeter. Must be fed a high quality signal, so using a so so reciever would not do these justice.
i currently have 2 sets of ty's speakers. the woodmere's and the linbrook signature monitors with the matching stands. both have the same drivers including the seas millenium tweeter. i personally think they are one of the best buys in audio. i had had a number of b&w speakers with the last 2 being the nautilus 802's and 803's. both speakers are far superior to them especially sounding more neutral. the nautilis line were tipped up on the top end. it would be interesting what line you are looking into and the size of the room you plan on using. if you want to email me more about it feel free to. ty's company and himself make buying from him a pleasure. my email is
www.leahy582000@yahoo.com you can look at my system under the heading millenium system. its under the done for know under the virtual system section.


I guess I will pretty much echo what has already been said... Both are excellent speakers and I am sure you would be happy with either...

I have a slight preference for the Tylers (and bought a couple different models of them including the ones in question accordingly). I agree with the first poster's impressions about their sound versus the Ellis. I also agree that the Tylers (and I would bet the Ellis as well) are very revealing of the sources driving them. I would definitely recommend drving them with quality electronics as well.

Dave Ellis can provide different resistors in the crossover to alter the high frequency response by 1db or 2db- check his website...