Tyler Linbrook Sig System, Short review

Well i finally got a opportunity to hear one of Tyler's many models, his Linbook Signature system. A member wrote saying he has the Linbrook Sig System (LSS) and that it would be fine if i brought my components to hear with his LSS. Tyler offers this model in either one piece cabinet or a 2 piece model, the top section houses a MTM design, mid/tweet/mid,with the lower hosing dual 8 inch wooders.
I heard his single piece cabinet design.
If Mike at this time would post something about our session to offer futher insights into the qualities of the speaker and also for members to click on the link to a view of his excellent sounding system.
I brought along my Thors/JOR/Cayin 17 as associated equipment, allowinga better feel about the LSS.
First up we haerd the LSS through Mike's dual monos called Nuforse both cdp anda fine turntable. Right away i could hear bass I was missing with my Thors. Tyler has the dual 8's xover very low allowing only the subtile 30-45 hz's a voice. The bass imaging is soft and musical, nothing flabby nor wooden. Bass notes from the cellos and timpini were now heard in a new dimension. Something not present in my Thors' dual 7's. . Ty has the upper dual 7's and tweet all phased in a tight image with the dual 8's. All 5 drivers in each cabinet intergrate in a wholeistic, better realistic sound image, "the sound stage effect".
As with my Thors voicing , the music never "attacks", the sound approaches you respectfully so that there is virtually no fatigue factor. Its a sound you could listen to all day and feel just as content the last part of the day as in the first hour.
The LSS have graet capibility to take on the mightest of amps, solid built cabinets with no resonance, the design is compact considering it houses 5 drivers, nothing flshy, so blends into any room. Modest is the word for its physical design of shape and size, but bold is the right word that displays its musical presence.

Mike did mention that he had a surround sound speaker system for his HT set up in his previous setup, but now with the Tyler's boasting a full and rich image with the LSS's 5 drivers/cabinet, that he does not miss his HT 5 speaker set up. Many new DVD's have programmed expanded sound image, so the LSS voice the sound in a seemingly 360 effect.
Thus Mike and his wife Tina feel their new Tyler LSS fit the bill as an outstanding musical system and equally for their HT set up, with the super flat panel TV mounted on their living room wall. Mike enjoys thaat room with exceptionally comfortable wide, solid, thick leathered recliners. Three of these fine 'first class" theater style seats are gathered right next to each other, a mini theater "fit for a king".

After we gave Mike's system a go with the Tyler's I felt it was time to see how these impressive speakers would perform on a small 40 watt tube amp. The seas' drivers are known as high demanding , rated at 87db.
With minor hassel up went the tube amp and the Cayin 17.
Testing cd wasa Mississippi Blues cd, offering bass and excellent vocals on several songs. Bass came through with authority, vocals with clarity, mids floating effortlessly though the room. I was impressed with the speaker's friendliness toward tubes. Really took me by surprised at the bang from the drums on the first tracks.
Quite an experience I had with the LSS. You owe it to yourself to put the Tyler's as one of your next upgrades/speaker choices. Look at Ty's web site where he lists his customers who will allow auditions in their home.
I'd like to express my appreciations to Mike and his gracious wife Tina for sacrificing part of their weekend with the audition. Had a great time with my first experience of the Tyler.
Baton Rouge

Glad to hear you liked the Linbrook Signature System Paul (as I own it). I also am glad you have now heard some Tyler speakers so you have some data to draw your comparisons from when comparing them to other speakers on the market. :-)


Dave, yes before my comments of the Tyler's /Seas were based on assumptions of how my Thors/Seas voiced.
I'd even say Ty has the two 7's crossed with a tad more smoothness, that is the Thors can appear slightly "steely". But certainly not any apparent weakness.
I see you have the 2 piece. Cosidering the one piece weights in at 175 lbs, the 2 piece may be more to my preference, when it comes to moving. But then I have no plans of moving anytime soon....have to give it some thought.... Is the bottom dual 8's cabinet on the 2 piece the same Q dimensions as the dual 8's on the one piece cabinet?
I believe the bottom of the 2 piece ends up with a larger internal area if I remember correctly. It is a very deep cabinet that is rear ported, so be careful if you go that direction as to make sure you have some space behind the speaker. If you don't have a lot of room to work with, then the one piece is the better fit as it is front ported. The two speakers sound almost identical, so it is not a big deal either way. I went with the two piece, as I owned the Linbrook Signature Monitors first, and then had ty build me the matching bass units later on.

Good move to have Ty sell you just the bass modules to go with your Linbrook Sig Monitors (LSM).
Not sure how I could connect a bass module to my Thors. I'll just give the speakers to my brotherinlaw and get the LSS one piece. I see pics of the 2 piece system and the bass module is deeper, possibly providing more breathing room for the dual 8's. But honestly at the low volume I listen to music and pretty much only classical, the one piece cabinet will be just fine. And as you say if you A/Bed the 2 one might not even tell the difference.
I prefer the cleaner/room friendly look of the one piece over the 2 piece. Still if it was only offered in the 2 piece I wouldn't complain at all.

I should mention that if I did not have this size listening room, 20X25/cathdreal ceiling/open all sides, I might go with the 3 ways. Ideally these speakers need some space. Agree?

Also the speaker weight is 135/cabinet, not 175 as I posted earlier. For a "full"(not missing much on the bottom hz)) range, thats one of the lightest weights I've come across.
btw i see a competitor speaker up on audiogon listed today. $14,500. Still does not offer what the LSS does.
Go figure.
>btw i see a competitor speaker up on audiogon listed today. $14,500. Still does not offer what the LSS does.
Go figure.<

Tell us when it was you heard this "competitor's" speaker? And how did it sound compared to the Tyler speakers?

Ideally these speakers need some space. Agree?

Yes, I do. That said, I am using mine in a room smaller than yours, so it should not be a problem for either version, IMO.

Bartokfan: I am glad you got to hear Linbrook Signature System. If you get a chance, try to hear LSS 2 as well. Isn't that what you wanted anyway.
Mike has his LSS set up 10 feet from his listening chairs,at no time during the listening session did we feel "under attack/crushed' by the musical image. Even at loud volumes one can carry on a converstaion. Which translates as clean/pure voicing.
I think ideally I meant for classical orchestral which the bigger the room the better. But for jazz/lite folk/blues room size does not matter with the LSS.
LSS 2, meaning 2 piece?
Dave just commented that the 2 piece does have the slightly larger Q size cabinet, which gives more breathing room to the dual 8's, but said the difference was slight to none.
Really all I'm looking for is the hz's that I'm missing with the Thors dual 7's. The Thors werea speaker i could live with as my last, but after hearing what the dual 8's add with the MTM design, i realize what's been missing. For me the one piece offers a design that fits in better with my room and also for moving purposes, translates to has more functionality.
I'd be open to hear the LSS2 if I geta chance and any other Tyler for that matter.
>>btw i see a competitor speaker up on audiogon listed today. $14,500. Still does not offer what the LSS does.
Go figure.<<

Curious if you've heard the B&W 800 Signature to which you allude. If so, please describe the associated equipment and your listening impressions.
Bartokfan: LSS 2, meaning 2 piece?

I am sorry I wrote too fast. I meant Linbrook System 2.
B&W? competitor of Tyler? Not a chance. I'm refering to the Von Schweikert of course. Used $14,500. !! Tyler's are stocked with all excel's, and all first quality xover parts. The LSS new/less than 5K.
Go figure.
I'm refering to the Von Schweikert of course. Used $14,500. !!
Bartokfan (Threads | Answers)
You are referring to Von Schweikert VR5 SE, correct?

The question remains, Paul. When have you heard the new VR5 SE? And, under what circumstances: associated equipment, music auditioned, etc.?

Please be specific when describing your listening experience with the VR5 SE.
I'm also interested in reading your listening notes on the VSA VR5 SE and the associated equipment.

Lastly, I continue to be distressed by your comparisons of components based solely on specifications.
Paul Tina and myself just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your visit, your knowledge and great personality were super, it was interesting to hear your system with mine, i checked the Tyler website, and he has the linbrooks at 155lbs. we were listening to music last night and for as large as the linbrooks are they disappear in the room, along with my nuforce gear and the rest of my system we are in musical heaven, give us a call anytime and good luck in the future, and if anyone else in the area would like a audition get in touch with me, mike
Mike I love your listening room, those thick leather solid and wide chairs. Man what a seating for a graet experience with the LSS.
Are the 2 piece at 155 and the one piece at 135? Ck if thats correct.
AKT I'd love to hear the LInbook Systems 2, 3 ways. If anyone in the BR area has them please let me know.
The only way I'll get to hear the VS VR5SE is if they are in new orleans or baton rouge. Thats as far as I'll drive.
I was only makinga price value comparison, how the 2 differ in sound is anyones guess. If you wish to post a review of the comparison, feel free to do so.
I'm a dedicated Seas Execl fan and that alone seals the deal.
Bartok, this is your statement:
"btw i see a competitor speaker up on audiogon listed today. $14,500. Still does not offer what the LSS does"

You do not indicate anything regarding value, how they differ in sound, what the LSS does that the VSA does not, and most importantly that you had never heard them.

IMO postings such as this are irresponsible and misleading.
Since you haven't heard the VR5 SE, then does the comment, "Still does not offer what the LSS does", from this post:
btw i see a competitor speaker up on audiogon listed today. $14,500. Still does not offer what the LSS does.
Go figure.
...refer only to the fact the VR5 SE does not utilize SEAS drivers?

What qualities of the VR5 SE make it a competitor to the Tyler LSS, in your opinion?
paul here is the link from tys site on the specs of the lls, Linbrook Signature System 25-25kh 4 ohm 92db 50-300 watts 10 x 24 x 50 155lbs,he does not mention one or two piece, i would think the two piece weighs more because it has a larger bass unit, i do know this the spikes inserts are well made as i tweeked mine around there was no picking them up by my self so small movements were made by swinging them, mike
None that I know of. 2 totally diffferent designs. Sorry to bring it up.
Audiofeil i see what you mean, thanks for pointing out my error. I apologize for the lack of clarification. My comments were not intended to criticize the VS product.
btw I have no interest in hearing the VS.
Criticism is not a bad thing. However, to do so based on reviews, specifications, heresay, websites, etc. without actually hearing the product is a disservice to many folks here. I think you'd be astounded at how many components are purchased unheard and based primarily on information from magazines and audio forums. Now before the flamers light up, I'm not knocking mags or discussion groups; they provide a great service and tons of information to all of us. But, they should be used only as guidelines IMO; everybody hears differently and has their own preferences.
audiofeil you are so right, but as in my case i had no choice, other than get in my auto and drive to Atlanta or Houston, not possible after Katrina, yes i bought my tylers unheard and maybe i got lucky, we all dont live in a highend audio store area, the only thing we can do is research, talk to the manufactures, not only was Ty Tyler a big help, also John Casler in LA, and Tom Port out west also, believe me i wish i could audition all of the gear i have on my mind, but its not possible, with the 30day return policy most offer you have a chance to hear the gear in your home, will thats my two cents worth, mike
I've never cared for any of the mags reviews in the past 20 yrs. I avoid that hyped bull like the plague.What bunk those writers scribble up.
Even Sally went and blew it on her Tyler review.
Don't you know why?
Sorry but I'm not going to argue the point on Tyler's thread. So don't pursue it.

Exactly how do you know Sally Reynolds 'blew it' on her review of the Tylers & Spendors? You have not heard yet the Linbrook Signature II so you don't know what it sounds like at all. You are simply guessing that it sounds like the Tyler speaker you heard and taking a cheap shot based on a guess! Something a responsible person would never do! She could be spot on for all you know!

It's OK to like Tylers, it's OK to like Seas drivers and your other stuff, but to be repeatedly critical of persons or equipment when you do not have actual personal knowledge and experience using it puts you in a 'special' category. Tvad and Audiofeil have been trying to make this point in a rather polite way. Why don't you get it?

If you don't want to argue S Reynolds credibility then why did YOU bring it up. You my friend are the one who lacks credibility, IMHO! Too bad too, 'cause actually those speakers you listened to are excellent. But your comments would turn me off if I were a potential customer of Tyler and I found your 'review' on the web. :-(
Look Newbee just drop it. OK.
before Audiogon closes this discussion of the Tyler.
Peace man. Just chill. Its no big deal.
BTW you can access other Tyler owners comments by going to Tyler's web site and clicking on Reviews/audiogon
Here on audiogon go to manufactures, "T" section, scroll down to the bottom, Tyler Acoustics. On his web you will see "audiogon reviews" there are 2, click on both.
Not sure why you cannot access either from audiogon's site directly.
As I say I've yet to read even one negative comment about the Tyler line.
You owe it to yourself to put Ty's speakers on your future audition list.
Write to Ty and ask him if there is a owner in your area. i'm sure you'll get hooked up with an audition.