Tyler Linbrook owners

what tube amplification do you use to drive your linbrooks? currently i am using a stock rogue audio 88 power amp and rogue 99 magnum preamp, and cannot complai.
however, id like to switch to monoblocks in the next year. naturally a pair of rogue magnum monoblocks is an obvious consideration.
but at this point of system alteration i am curious about amps from companies such as manley, quicksilver, lamm, atmasphere, joule, etc
any suggestions to narrow the playing field???
I drove a pair of lindbrooks with an Audiomat Prelude Reference 30 wpc tube intergrated with great success.
Very smooth with ample bass in a 22x22 room.

I used the Linbrooks with PS Audio HCA-2 amp with great results... fast tight bass and excellent imaging. My Linbrooks have outboard crossovers. I placed them on Sistrum SP-004 stands and filled the Tyler stands with micro- bearing steels made by Star Sound Tech. This is costly but believe me they are worth it.