Tyler "Linbrook" any opinions?

Looking for opinions and associated amps. thanx
i just purchased a pair several weeks ago. they were not completely burned in when i received them, but i believe i am nearing the end as we speak. ty lashbrook was very easy to talk to and has always resonded to my emails in an extremely timely manner.
thus far, i can say i have been impressed with their speed and ability to image. bass response is impressive enough for me, and i could hardly imagine any complaints regarding midbass, which is articulated very well imo. my listening tastes do not demand the lowest octave. i have not lived with them for a serious length of time just yet, but i have no doubts that i will.
for me the linbrooks have not gotten in the way of listening to music. i do not sit and listen and think of sound emanating from boxes. the images are focused and coherent and the soundstage is well defined.
hope this helps
I bought my pair in "golden oak" about 6 months ago after owning Ty's little Reference Monitors for the previous 6 months. The LMs need a good 200 hours of break in time using wide range and dynamic music at fairly high volume levels. As they are rear ported they like a bit of room behind them. Their stands are great...I filled mine with clay-based kitty litter to good effect. In my regularly dimensioned basement listening room they need about 2' behind them; in my family room, where I can put them on a much longer wall, they work surprisingly well with only about 8" behind them. I've powered them with a Sim Audio I-5 integrated with great success, very rarely sensing any sign of hitting the amp's limits. Set up in my other system they are powered by a McCormack DNA 125 fed directly from a Marantz SA-14 CDP. There's power to spare. Both amps do a superb job, IMO. I am very impressed by the bass capabilities of the LMs which offer plenty of detail and impact that you can feel in your gut with good source material, i. e. - I've heard/felt the almost subteranean sounds of a subway on DVDs. No way would I screw things up with a subwoofer. The SEAS Millenium tweeter is the best dynamic tweeter I've yet heard, providing a fineness of resolution that is, to me, remarkable yet never artificially bright or "high fi" sounding. On the whole I consider the LMs truly the most "do it all" speakers at anything near their price range and ones which I expect to hang on to for a long, long time.
I have the 7Us with the Millenium tweeter, which are kind of a tower version of the Linbrook (w/ this tweeter). The only thing that I have heard that sounded as good with tube gear was Single-driver speakers. They do so many things very well. I agree with the comment about the tweeter - well said. I opted for it in favour of the Revelator.
I own em. I love em. The best bang for the buck out there. Great service. The high end is exquiste with the millenium tweeter, the midrange is very detailed. Bass is never flabby, but not the lowest out there. The stands are awesome! Even at 92db they like power. With a solid state amp I recommend at least 100wpc to get everything out of them. In tubes, I'd say 65wpc. The other thing to remember is that these are big monitors--real big, and stout as hell.
I have a pair of Linbrooks in black oak mated with a Musical Fidelity Nu Vista Intergrated M3 (250 wats per channel). The Linbrooks sing. Enough said!
I just acquired a full Linbrook system with bass modules two weeks ago. The natural cherry finish is gorgeous and their sound is refined, transparent and musical. I was driving them for a short while with a modified Mesa Baron (120wpc) until the right channel of the Baron started distorting. The sound with the Baron was good, the mids and highs were detailed and dynamic with good presence. However, I felt that with the bass modules, more control is needed. A friend will be bringing over his AV Reality eAR Two digital amp for a test this weekend.
I'd appreciate any ideas as to speaker positioning for best results, esp regarding toe-in.