Tyler Decades Not much press but how good?

I may be in the market for some full range speakers. Looking at Revel Studio 2's and Eggleston Andra's but I am intrigued with these not so often reviewed towers.

What I have read from owners was a very consistant thumbs up across the board. That is, the talk about the Decades sonic attributes was the same from owners and all very good. The only pro review I found was for there top-of-the-line $13.5K monsters.
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I guess the only way to know how good they are is to get a pair.
It's only been a day. BTW I think they have a trial period.
So far a very nice guy to deal with as others reported. So accommodating! I'm requesting outboard crossovers sized to accommodate different types of capacitors if I so choose to experiment. He builds them to match the finish on his speakers while using a black top and bottom, 3 sets of binding posts (D1's) and whatever feet you desire.

I'm still trying to decide between the D1's and the D2's (half the number of drivers). The D1's are 67" tall at 170lbs each. A bit intimidating. I don't believe in discussions with Ty, that the speakers will overload the room, but I would have to move them one day..

He uses multiple finishes with a palette of 80 plus veneers to choose from. It'll take a month to decide.
I bought D1's Decade Center D3's and 2 Decade Subs. I will take delivery next Friday. I will post my evaluation then. I will say that Ty has been very easy to work with. I am putting all this in a 15x20 dedicated room.
This is the same question I have wanted to ask. I have never heard a tyler acoustics speaker but based on all the great feedback I decided to call Tyler and ask about the decade lineup. I decided to go with the decade d20's, but still waiting on tax refund to help pay for them, looking foward to your evaluation of the decade subs and center, and as others have said Tyler is a very nice person to deal with. Kent
There are a couple of nice reviews on the decade d2 and d1 by audiogon member Pettyfeversk
My wife wants the bigger ones, the D1's. So I'm calling Ty to place an order. No I'm not kidding. I was trying to talk her into the D2's!

I will evaluate and write a review once they are broken in. I know it'll take weeks to build and I still haven't decided on finish but I gotta say that the black ash vaneer with a light ash center panel along with the copper tweeter might look sweet.
Jfoundell, did you get you center and subs yet?
Delivery is scheduled for Thursday and I cant wait....I am worse than a kid at christmas time...I will post on Friday after I get everything settled and setup properly.
You need to give them a chance to break in - found with my Decade 3s that the treble and mid range were decent out ofthe box but the bass lagged behind, the speakers needed about 100 hours or so for them to comeinto their own, thebass gradually catches up along the way - my experience anyway
I agree, very nice guy to deal with...
However, the two models I've been exposed to, didn't offer a consistency of sound...that being, 'Here's what I think an Alto Sax sounds like', or (insert instrument) a basic musical truth that one generally finds in one brand.
For example, blindfolded, one would recognize Vandersteens when compared, (diff models) or THIEL's. For right or wrong there should be a 'consistency of tonal balance', i.e. this is what 'we think' it sounds like.

I haven't visited Tyler in a couple of years, in terms of products...and the stuff looks to be good value, with direct sales and all...just not sure that I'm sold on his version of the musical truth.

Larry...What models were you exposed to?
It's been long enough ago that I don't remember...they retailed at about $1200 and $1800. by memory...a friend purchased...asked for my opinion.
Again, they're good speakers...and given that they're factory direct, reasonable values. The only thing lacking was consistancy...not a fatal flaw for most I suppose.

I really should revisit before opening my big mouth.

The reason I ask if they were they of the same line? Old line or new Decade line? The tone should have been the same as he uses the same drivers for each line. The only thing I can think is you listened to his Taylo monitors (1 woofer and tweet) versus his Linbrook monitors (2 woofers and tweet). The new line does have a different tone and are faster and punchier.
I should have kept my powder dry on this one...you're right no doubt...they were from differing lines.
However, that brings me to the core point I made before--which is to say that they're good value speakers, especially in light of being factory direct. Nice wood, (not THIEL like, but good) finishes. Good quality overall.
Yet they don't sound enough alike for my taste...I realize that this is not unique to his lines...the cheaper B&W's don't sound like the Nautilus', yet they do have the same, if not annoying 'overall sound'.
It's as if, when I heard them, two separate designers were concurrently searching for the musical truth.
This is a venial not mortal sin, again. Money, cures lots of sins on the resolution side, but shouldn't as much on the tonal balance side...just sayin'.

No one should hesitate looking at this line based on such a niggling issue anyway...they're values.

Good listening.
I see your point. Some people like Thiels, some B&W and so on. Personally I can't stand B&W or most Thiels especially the lower models. I have heard the 3.7 and 7 series (2 friends of mine have them) and I have to say they are very good but overall not what I would buy. Thats just a personal choice. I could live with the 3.7's but not at 10K+. B&W's were plain boring to my ears but I see your point when you refer to the upper and lower end B&W's have an annoying sound. I found them to be boring or stale. Even the Diamond series were downright flat and uninvolving to my ears. I heard them with top notch Levinson but maybe it was the source but I was not impressed. I thought Ty's speakers especially for the money killed them. Some speakers just don't have that "something" or a "tone or overall sound" you refer to so I understand. We each have a sound we like and that's a personal preference. It might be how the bass drivers integrate with the mids I don't know but if you don't like the overall sound or tone then you pretty much probably won't like the overall line. Just my 2 cents :)
I forgot to ask, what amp and preamp were used? Tubes and warm to neutral solid state seem to best match Ty's speakers IMO.
My friend had a Berning Tube amp at the time...no pre amp, just running direct...as I said it's been a couple of years back. He may have been using a pre, memory fades.
Overall, the Berning, very well respected if not to my taste. That amp sounds underpowered, not dynamic in contrasts and sort of a watercolor version...washed out, versus a Monet.
There, I've managed to insult two companies in one post.

Well I got everything delivered on Friday. Excellent packing great delivery no damage. I got everything setup and it sounds great out of the box but they still need time to break in. The subs are the best I have owned so far. Being servo controlled they are really tight and setup was a breeze. I am running all this with Sunfire gear. I also changed all cabling to Verastarr and Neotech so the cables might have some break in time as well. But overall the sound is amazing!
JFondell, keep us posted. I'm ~5 weeks away before I'll smell mine.

Regarding tone, I left myself some adjustment in that regard. With the cross-overs outboard, I'll have access to the caps and wiring.

I have no preamp so my current setup takes a phono preamp or a PW Dac straight to a Pass Labs 350.5. Swapping cable is painful, especially due to my employment of a sub (which just broke :( )

So an Audio Note L3 kit is on my radar. This will give me some amount of control over parts quality and tonal adjustments (and just plain fun) over the D1's.

Ty is just so down to earth it's scary. I might have ordered his speakers even if they were crap just to support his business.
Damn Larry your tough...LOL ;)
I forgot to add the finish is absolutely the best I have seen!
So JFondell, they look great but how are they sounding? We need to know :)
well I still need more hours on these. I am playing them now and they sound great! Still a little bright at high volumes but very very clear. I put up 3 acoustic panels today so that helped and I am also waiting on some special order brass spikes for the subs and the speakers so I cant really do a full evaluation until everything is in order. I went from Mirage OM9's to these so its a total different design but I will say the soundstage is wide and deep, I do not think they over power the room bass is tight and controlled and the midrange is excellent. There is not a bad seat in the room! I will comment further when they break in more but for now I am loving what I am hearing!
I TOLD YOU, I'd managed to piss off two manufacturers in one post!! LOL

Not intentional, just being as forthright as I can be.

Jfondell, just wondering how you are liking the decades, I should be getting mine soon, Kent
Ditto, mine are about 2 weeks out.
I love them but unfortunately I had to leave them as I am back in Iraq. I got to play with them for 2 weeks however I didnt get alot of play time on them as I had company the whole time I was home. They still need alot of hours to fully break in so hopefully the kids will use the media room and get some hours on them before I return home. I did just pick up a custom set of Tyler on walls for the side surrounds. So far even not fully broken in they are the best speakers I have ever had and or listened to.

Iraq? My goodness. That's a big scene change from your sweet spot in front of your new D1's. Get home safe. And good luck with your new speakers. Best Regards!
Yeah no kidding LOL say what amps are you guys using? Cables? Ect Ect
Use Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum with my Decade 3s ;SCs are Clear Day Audio Shotgun. Use Silnote Apollo ICs and Silnote Morpheous DC
Using Pass Labs X350.5, no preamp yet, GCPH phono stage (has a gain control), PSA PW DAC (has a volume control) and Transport, cables are Harmonix Tech and really nice home brews ;). Speaker cables are Synergistic Research Tesla's.

The Decade D1's will go against my MBL 121's and a JL Audio F113 sub if it ever comes back from getting fixed.

It will be a very interesting comparison - no?
The Decades are in. See pics of these speakers in my system profile.

They are far more elegant in person than in the pics in Ty's website. A really good look. Check it out.

The speakers are burning/breaking in. They've been all over the place in sound. Good bass, no bass, great bass, transparent, weird, transparent again and now filled with magic. I'm at around 130 hours, maybe more.

review coming at around 200 hours for an honest evaluation. So far we're pretty excited. Transparent and dynamic, seemless integration and good looks. Just played Eric Clapton Reptile. We had some serious air guitar going while my wife and son danced in the middle of the room. The speakers were rocking with airy highs, smooth vocals and great rythmic drive. You should have heard "Sia" before that. Wow.

Yesterday I wanted to slit my wrists (no not that bad :). I hate breaking in audio equipment...

Much more to come.
Thanks for the update, glad you are liking them, I am still paying off the balce on my d20s, can't wait to get them
I wanted to update my experienc with tyler acoustics. I ended up getting a used pair of decade d1 speakers. I was going to get the d20s but after reading about the decade d1 speakers I ended going with the d1s. They are some of the nicest sounding speakers I have ever heard, and for the price paid I don't think I could have gotten anything better. I have never claimed to be a reviewer but if I had to describe the sound of would say they are very open and the soundstage is huge. The bass is tight the midrange is smooth and the highs are very extended but never bright. The decades just let the music flow like I have never heard before, and I can hear details in my fav. cds that I had not noticed, in summery I just love these speakers, they are the best upgrade I have ever gotten, Kent
Desalvo55- Let's get an update on your Decade now that it is broken in.
I am still loving these speakers and since I last posted they sound even better
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