Tyler Decade line Vs. Old line

Has anyone directly compared an "old" pair of Tyler Linbrook Reference with the new decade line--say the D-1 or D-2. What would be the sonic differences overall?

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I would agree with Dawgcatching. I owned the Linbrook Signature for a couple of years as well, and still own the Linbrook SuperTowers along with a pair of Decade D1s. The D1s are faster, throw a larger soundstage, and really excel in speed and clarity -- they seem to have more 'air' around the singer and instruments. The Linbrooks in general are warmer sounding, with a slight bloom to them. You might read my review of the D1s on Agon here as I detailed my comparison of the SuperTowers and the D1s (I actually preferred the SuperTowers to the Linbrook Signatures). Both lines are excellent sounding -- comes down to personal preference.