Tyler Decade line Vs. Old line

Has anyone directly compared an "old" pair of Tyler Linbrook Reference with the new decade line--say the D-1 or D-2. What would be the sonic differences overall?

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I have Linbrook System 2s Taylo 7Us and Decade 3s To my ears the System 2s are somewhat warmer than the Taylo and the Decade 3, and have a deeper base. The Taylo offer a broader soundstage than the System 2s. The Decade 3s are a little more forward than the others but not bright,have a sound stage similar to the Taylo. All 3 to me are muscially enjoyable in their own way. Bought all three un-auditioned and never had any regrets.

Have used them with SS integrated - Plinius 8200 MK2 and Portal Panache; tube integrateds Ayon Spirit 2 and Rogue Cronus Magnum - like the speakers with either