Tyler Acoustics: Taylo Ref III vs. Linbrook Sig's

Ok, I'm trying to decide between the Taylo Referece III and the Linbrook Signature System. What are +/- on each of these. I like detailed highs and midrange slam (coming from Dynaudio's), so would like to know how these compare.

I absolutely do NOT want blotted bass, but very controlled bass and smooth highs. I've read lots of reviews from audioreview, but would like more personal reviews from those here.

I really like a large soundstage that is why I'm looking at these. I've gone through B&W N804, Paradigm Studio 40v3, and Dynaudio's this year alone.....would like to end the search for awhile with the Tyler's.

Also, how do the grills attached? Surely, that is not velcro I'm seeing on the monitors or is it?


Both are good speakers, it not great. The Linbrooks will provide more bass and a fuller soundstage.

I own a pair of the Tyler Ref. Monitors, in my den system and a pair of custom Tyler Linbrook 3 ways, in my main listening system. Both provide great sound including very controlled base.

The one weakness of these speakers is they are so good you will hear the weaknesess in your system, which you can either mask by your choice of cables or eliminate and let the Tylers truly sing.

And yes, despite Ty's great speaker design he uses velcro tabs to attach the grills. Given the sound these speakers produce for the money, that's one small annoyance that is easily tolerated.
I don't see the Velcro attachment as a weakness, unless you want to see several ungainly holes in place of superb woodworking!
I agree with Vladimir on the velcro, much better than holes in the speakers! If you don't like the velcro you can peel them off and be done with it.
I have not owned the Linbrooks but have had the Ref II and now the Ref III and will NOT be looking to upgrade anytime soon.... Happy Listening!
Thanks for your replies. I like the idea of eliminating my sub with the RefIII's, however, the 4pc Linbrook Sigs look like they would produce a huge tight and fast soundstage.

What is the suggested clearence from back and side walls for each? I'm looking at 1 foot on the back and sides, so I'm a little worried about placement..room is 13'6"Wx20'L.

Ttowntony, I thought the Linbrooks were rear ported, if they are placement may not be good only having them a foot out from the back wall.. Your gonna need them out 4 to 5 feet if you want them to sing!
In my room I have the Ref III which are front ported and they are 5 feet out into the room and 4 feet from the side walls and they SING!! no regrets at all. Ty builds first class speakers and uses all top notch components. Give him a call as he can give you the best info.
Definitely sounds like the Linbrook System is what you are looking for... But since you have very little space behind the speaker, I recommend you look at the 2 piece version (as it is front ported). The cost is the same, but it should be a better fit for your placement.

By the way, I also agree about giving Ty a call... He is a great person to work with, and he will give you honest advice (even if it costs him money).

Good luck,

Ty is accomodating. My 3 way Linbrooks are front ported and minimally placement sensitive.
The Linbrook four piece is a rear ported and the two piece is a front ported! Check there web site out... If the placement is going to be only a foot off the back wall you may consider the two piece as it's a front ported speaker.
All good points. I could get away with them being 2' away from the wall on either side, but that's about it. The 1 piece sigs with front ports would probable be best, however, I kinda like the look of the 2 piece system.

The RefIII might be what i end up with in the end. Anyone tried the Freedom line yet? Same cabinets minus the high end drivers. The Vifa tweeter is used in number of other good speakers. Not sure of these drivers and how they will sound. I might start with the Freedoms and trade up eventually.
Ttowntony, FWIW I've a pair of the Signature Systems (1 piece) in route. My room is of a similar size to yours and I am presently using dynamic speakers with about the same frequency response as the Linbrooks. Mine fire down the length of the room and I have them close to the side walls and toed in so the axis of the speakers crosses in front of me - that way I have no 1st reflection issues from the side walls. My speakers are front ported but I'm still unable to get them much closer to the back wall than 3 feet (from the rear of the speaker) without elevating the bass too much. I'm assuming that the bass of the Sig system will be much the same.

You might want to consider the Linbrook stand mounted which might benefit a bit from rear wall reinforcement.
Hi Ttowntony
Hi have the Linbrook Sig. 1 piece system. They take quite a break in period. I'm at 150 hours, and i feel like they're still not done breaking in. They do have everything you want though. A HUGE sound stage with tight, clean bass. I would like alittle more depth though - but I think that will be the last thing to come, with the break in. You will have NO bass, bloat with these speakers. The mids and highs are becoming amazing. Female voices are so palpable, it seems like you can almost touch their faces! The velcro grill attachments are a moot point. The drivers LOOK so cool, that you won't want to cover them up. Be patient as they break in, I think they are going to be my winner. Best of luck.
Well, I went with the Freedom F5, which is much like the Linbrook 1 piece floorstander. Talking with Ty, he said I would get 85% of the sound as the Linbrook at a fraction of the cost. Plus, if I wanted I could always add the Millennium tweeter later if I wanted with a very minor crossover change.....Still way below the cost of the Linbrooks. Also the Seas drivers are the same as in many high-end like Joseph Audio, etc.

I can always trade up when ready, too. I will let you know my thoughts!
Is it true that Ty is making a new higher end series of speakers with Scan speak ring revelators and the high end scan speak midwoofers.
As far as the bass is concerned I did some comparisons with the Linbrook 2-8" bass modules and a custum Seas 1-10" rear ported passive subwoofers TA designed for me. I feel the 10" goes a tad deeper but it's close. The difference between 2 mids and 1 mid might have a bigger impact on what speaker you choose. Both are excellent. I had 2 pairs of Linbrooks (1-2 piece) and 2 pairs of Ref II's.