Tyler Acoustics Taylo 7U vs. Linbrook Sig. Monitor

Anyone compare these two out there? How about comparing them to other speakers such as Totem Mani2, Dynaudio 25, jm lab others?

If your "name" is associated with the ownership of a pair of Platinum Audio Solos you will find both of these speakers somewhat bass shy of what you are used to. I say this as a former owner of Solos and having owned a pair of Taylo monitors and currently own a pair of Linbrooks. Having said that my experience has been that while lacking in low bass as compared to the Solos my Linbrooks walk all over them when it comes to mid bass,highs and over all musicality. I always felt the Solo highs were tizzy and aggressive in nature. My first pair of Taylos monitors were less tizzy than the Solos but moving up to the Linbrooks offered a better (to my ears) tweeter (Millenium vs Revelator), smoother in nature and of course a better bottom end with the additional Seas woofer but still shy of the Solos.

Additional comments - the Linbrooks are rear ported so rear walls are more of an issue vs the 7Us as those are front ported (like the Taylo monitors). The Linbrooks will require a good stand (addt'l cost) vs the 7Us being floor standers. The 7Us have the hotter tweeter (only my opinion) than the Linbrooks do but this comes down to personal taste and I'm sure Ty would install the tweeter of your choice if you wanted to swap them (Millenium into a pair of 7Us).

I come from a planar history (without subs) so low bass has never been a big draw for me but I can advise that both of these speakers do tight accurate bass very well - just not very low. I've heard the Totem Manis but not in my system and I'm sure they'll go lower than the Solos (I really hope thats what you currently have given my comparisons...) but the Totems have a very distinct signature. I liked them quite a bit but given my affinity for Maggies if I were to jump to another speaker it would probably be back to a planar.

That was a great response. Thank You! And yes I do have the solos now which I really love their bass. What amplification are you using for your linbrooks? I have a Pass X150 at 150 watts....do you think the Pass could bring out more bass in the Linbrooks?

Also, aside from the different tweeter and the port in the front, does the 7u do anything better or worse than the Linbrook (ie., image, transparency, depth/width)? Thanks again!
If memory serves me right Ty voices his speakers with high powered solid state amps (not that tubes wouldn't work nicely). I just sold my Bryston 4B-SST in favor of a 14B-SST that should arrive in a few weeks and I anticpate a little better low end which has been my experience when moving up in power. Not that I'm in any position or desire to change the Linbrooks but the 14B would be my amp of choice if I were to someday move into a pair of Maggie 3.6's. I guess I'm thinking down the road but this move gives me the sound I like and all the power I could require. I think the Pass amp you have would work very nicely with either of these speakers.

As for comparing the attributed of the 7Us vs the Linbrooks I can't never having heard the 7Us but having owned the Taylo monitors I think I have a pretty good perception of what the 7Us should sound like. Given its a perception I'll still take the Linbrooks in stock form. Now if one was to get the Millenium tweeter in the 7Us it may be a closer race...
I have a pair of Reference Monitors & I drive them with a McCormack DNA-1. I think it is a little overkill but I could be 100% wrong. I have never heard the speakers break up when pushed but I am afraid to really crank them for any length of time. I have not heard either speaker you are interested in but after hearing what I have now I can't imagine switching to any other brand. I will go up the Tyler line line when the upgrade bug hits again.
I have both the Ref monitors and the Linbrook Sigs. They are voiced differently. Rgd gives a good description of the sound. The monitor is more detailed, more treble-tilted than the Linbrooks. With a PS Audio HCA2 amp they certainly do not lack bass. With a 30 wpc triode tube amp they did (but had beautiful midrange). I have the Ref monitors hooked up to a sub now and it definitely gives the music "pace."

As far as the Linbrooks go, they definitely need some space behind them, I'd say a minimum of 3 ft. They are a more midrange forward speaker, but the treble is well integrated.

Ty is also doing a floor standing version of the Linbrook and one that has a single midrange driver.

Talk to Ty, he always will give the straight talk.