Tyler Acoustics Super Towers

Anyone have experience with the new super towers by Tyler Acoustics? Thanks in advance for any info.
I have a pair of the Linbrook Super Towers in maple. They are still breaking in at 2 weeks of ownership. I have seen posts indicating 200-500 hours of break-in is to be expected and would agree.

The build quality is a delight to behold. The maple veneer is superb. Fit and finish is quite nice, time will tell. When I think of 5' high 110 pound speakers, I think of imposing, room-dominating behemoths ala the 2001:space odyssey monolith. Not so, the light wood finish and the slender footprint invite you to look. They are handsome and they match my dog. The SEAS drivers are really attractive in a retro space-ship-kinda-way. The drivers aren't proprietary; you can get them from SEAS yourself. The wife/ aesthetic authority actually prefers the grills off. I have never owned speakers that I liked to look at as much as these. They replaced some B&W monitors on stands. They look and sound much better.

The sound stage is deep and wide. The bass is indeed punchy but not overstated. High's continue to open up and invite me in (too soon to fully qualify impressions). They are front ported and can be placed near the wall without being boomy. The sensitivity of 92db in the Linbrook Super Towers allows my Stingray at 50wpc of tube power to drive them to very pleasing/ arm-hair-tingling levels. My room is 17x22'. While they could fill a room twice the size, they don't overwhelm. Nice bass slam, inviting image and no fatigue even at high spl. In many listening sessions I forget how loud I have it until I try to say something to someone. The feedback from friends and family is envy and incredible.

The best for last, Tyler is a treat to do business with. Over sales and dollars he is sincerely interested in your sonic happiness. He bends over backwards to service his customers. I had some hesitation to do a blind buy from Kentucky. I want to support the local little guy and stay away from big chains and box-moving serviceless internet-based clearing houses. In doing some research, all the feedback I read was good and anecdotally, completely true. Tyler is the local little guy and will take the time to answer your questions and ensure your satisfaction. You will not be disappointed with your purchase from Tyler Acoustics. Tyler is low on hyperbolic adjectives to describe the 4 micron, reverse distilled unobtainium moon-dust dampening system, and high on sonic and aesthetic quality, price and service. Am I gushing ? I’ll stop now.
Nu2Tube -
I couldn't have said it better myself. :-)

Dumboat - I own the Linbrook Signatures (1 piece) I love these things. I was also a bit aprehensive to buy speakers without ever hearing them. I was kind of afraid when I first got them I thought I'd made a mistake, and I would be returning them. But, as they broke in, I would litterally sit and listen with my mouth hanging open, in amazment at how excellent they sound. You'll have to pry them from my cold dead hands to get them away from me now! :-) Especially for the money - they are a true bargain. These, by a LARGE margin, out class the B&W Matrix 801 S3, they replaced - and I really like the 801's.

ALL the things that Nu2tube said - DITTO in spades! Fear not - Ty is a class act - he will not leave you hanging.

Good Luck
I own the first set of Super Towers that Ty made. In fact my call to him telling him what I wanted prompted him to build that speaker. I also have the Super Center which is a sight to behold. It weighs 95lbs. They will probably be the last speakers I will need to buy for many years. I drove to Owensboro Ky. and picked up the speakers myself and had the chance to meet and talk with Ty. He is a real treat in person. One great person to deal with. I highly recommend his speakers.
Gene Thomas
Tyler Acoustics product had put my speaker searching to a stop. I came across a pair of Taylor Ref Monitors which gave me great impression. With in the same year, I upgraded to a pair of Linbrook Ref Monitors which are just as good as every ones opinion below. It has been over 5 years and they are getting much better regardless what I driving them with up the line within all these years. Recently I had finaled on my pre and amps and moved into a bigger listening room, also added the Linbrook bass modules. They showed up in a week with great craftsmanship's quality detailed cabinets just as good
as the monitors. I can't wait to write this review for just a couple of days of listening. Acoustically, they perfectly fit with the monitors with unbelievable bass extention that I don't need the sub around for just in case. needless to say, the sound stage and imaging are greatly increased comparing with just the monitors that I can stand any where in the 20x19x12 room and be able to spot the singer and the instruments. Sound quality is natural and clear as usual; in one incident, my wife told me to hush up and see if I can pick up the foot dumping sound of the acoustic guitar player, (I wouldn't sure, but it may be a good thing in all aspect:)) Well, shell I say my sound system is complete or what! Again, costumer service is job number ONE!

Up the line:
Philips 963Sa Moded
Pass Labs X1
Pass Labs X350
audiophile graded interconnects, speaker cables, power cables, and power conditioner. Isolated 30 amp breaker with 10 gage pure copper lines to isolated wall socket and ground to its own ground rod. Hehe. (I though this may help when I ran the wirings in the house when it was built.)
Sorry to introduce a new subject, but has anyone heard the even newer pro dynamic range with compression horns. I spoke to Ty who was very helpful of course, about a speaker to match my 18 watt SET. He put me onto this range, I would appreciate a little feedback before jumping in, as I live in the UK and can't easily avail myself of his return policy. Thanks
I have had my super towers for 7 months now and they are great. All of the superlatives heard about the Tyler line is absolutely true. This is the third pair of Tyler speakers I have purchased, I have owned Tyler speakers for over 5 years and last summer traded a pair of Linbrook Monitors for the Super Towers and I can not say enough about build quality and sound. I still go out to the local Stereo shops to listen. I must say not much out there to compare with these and if there is the price is 3 to 4 times greater. Take a chance and try the Tyler line, Ty will do what ever he can to make it work for you.
Glad to see so many very happy (could there be any other feelings) Tyler owners. Ck out my comments on my recent audition of the Linbrook Signature System (LSS) in the speaker section , and also in the speaker reviews Lin Sig Monitor (LSM), can be found by going to Ty's web site, go to audiogon reviews, click on the LSM.
Anyway, Oldpet you have the Lin Sig SYSTEM? Correct? (LSS) one piece. You left out the word "Systems".
Thats a dual 7, tweet, dual 8's. IOW MTM with dual W22's as a dedicated bass section.
See that model offers the same as the Tower but with the addition of dual 8's.
Which to me makes more sense as you get a deeper hz sensitivty with the 8's vs the Towers 7's.
I'm sure no complaints with the Towers.
Good to read such good feedback on a fantastic speaker.
The LSS will be my nest investment, hopefully early next yr.
Kind Regards
Baton Rouge