Tyler Acoustics Signature Monitors & stands?

I have found my sig mons a little thin on the bass with both my Rogue Audio Temepst II & Portal Panache integrateds. I have the light Tyler stands & find them a little “tippy” with the heavy speaker. I am planning on buying the more substantial Tyler stand as this may stabilize the speaker.& thus produce more bass .I love these speakers as they have a wonderful sound field & image correctly.The mids are a tad warm however I can listen for hours & they really get my toes tapping which is always the definitive test.

I am still dogged with sibilance issues after toying with adding acoustic materials to dampen the room & speaker positioning. It may be a inherent problem with the CD format as mentioned before* however it is so bad that I think it must be something to do with my AC power.

I managed to pick up a PS Audio Duet at a very reasonable price which is on it's way, so I hope that helps .I have good AC power cord ,the Violet Z1 from Black Sand up here in Canada ,so it is not that.

Any tips and or feedback would be appreciated. BTW,I tried turning off everything including my satellite receiver & computer with no results on the sibilance since one of you kind folks thought RF or other EM interferences may be causing the sibilance. I also tried putting additional Vibrapods under everything that touchs the floor or my stand including equipment & cables…again no results sibilance wise.


*…I am thinking on upgrading my Creek CD 50 mkII to a Rega Saturn . According to many ,the Rega Saturn is about as close to analogue sound as possible with the CD format.
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Congrats on your Tyler Sig Monitors. That is the MTM design.
On cdp's I have found the Cayin 17 to offer substantial bass with its dual power supply. + you get the benifit of the 4 6922's, which your all ss system could benifit from the tube character. The Cayin 17 may give you that little bass kick you are looking for.