Tyler Acoustics Reference Two VS Revel Studio

First, need opinion on Tyler Acoustic Speakers. In particular, the new 7U model which retail for $4250, but especially, the Reference Two which retails for $5800, and their top of the line Linbrook Signature which retails for $7700. How would you rate their sound, especially bass response and soundstage? Are they very room and equipment dependent?? Finally how does the Revel F-30, and especially Revel Studios rate against the Tyler's "comparably" ( or, near so) priced models Thank you!!
I own the Linbrook reference and it is an outstanding product. I took a risk by not hearing this speaker but it only took seconds for me to realize the quality of these speakers. I bought these speakers used from Tyler and could not tell that they were used. When you buy from Tyler accoustics you buy the man himself Ty. The linbrook would be worth its price new but at a used price its a steal. If you can buy used from Ty you will be amazed at the sound for the money. P.S. I have never heard Revel's.
I have owned a pair of Custom A212's, Ref. monitor, Ref 2, Ref 2 SE's, and now the Linbrook system. They are all very good performers. I have never heard the Revels but have read good things. Try a pair of Ref Monitors to limit the risk. Home grown company with great customer service.