Tyler Acoustics new MM5 Monitor

Has anyone bought his new full range monitor? If so what are your thoughts?
Hi Sam,

I'll be receiving the Tyler MM5 monitors early April. I'm anxious to try
them with a few different amps/sources. Looks like excellent value
and performance. I may give a short review later in April.

Great let me know what you think of them please. If you don't mind shoot me a PM so I'll know.
Mine should be here in a couple of weeks. Ty is building mine as floor standers.I might have some 7Us for sell pretty soon!!!!!
Tpreaves let me know your thoughts. I would probably like the floor standers better myself.
Will do Sam.
Samzx12, Ty just informed me that my speakers will ship on Monday 4/9. I'm getting the first set of MM5s built as floorstanders. He's going to post them on his A'gon ad soon,be looking for them. I'll post my thoughts after I spend a few days with them.
Cool keep me posted.
Samzx12,email me at tpr3857 at aol dot com and I'll send you a pic that Ty sent me this AM.
You have mail. Thanks!
Can you post a pic in your system page
I just uploaded a pic of my MM5s on my system page. They were shipped today!!!!
The Tylers arrived today. I added pics to my system page. These things sound really,really good right out of the box. I'm getting the extra low end that I wanted at no cost to the sweet midrange and highs that my 7U's were giving me. I actually prefer the tweeters that Ty is using now over the Seas Milleniums that are in my 7U's (never thought that would happen!!!!). I'm gonna spend the rest of the evening listening to tunes, can you blame me?
Do tell us about your listening experience ;)
Great pics . I saw them on A/C . Now after all these years I see you have an alias.:)
I've spent a week with the MM5's now and feel I have a pretty good handle on their sound. Take into consideration that these observations are what I hear, in my room, with my equipment. Your impressions may be totally different.

The bass coming from these speakers is abundant and clear. They handle the slam of electric bass and the nuances of acoustic bass with equal authority. I've never had a speaker that did both well. Drums sound like drums and not drum machines (unless that's what the recording is done with).

The midrange and highs are very natural. Voices are clear and precise with just a hint of sibilence(probably more to do with the recording process and my equipment than the speakers). Acoustic guitars sound very real (I play, I know what they're supposed to sound like!!). There is no presence of "in your face" harshness at all. I listened for hours at a time and suffered no listener fatigue what so ever.

I think Tyler Acoustics have hit a home run with the MM5, especially at the price they're asking for them. My dealings with Ty Lashbrook was the most enjoyable experience I've ever had in buying audio gear. You will not find a better person to do business with. Ty told me he is taking a pair of MM5's to AkFest so if you plan on attending the event, I highly suggest you visit his room and give them a listen.

Disclaimer..... I'm not a professional reviewer,can you tell!!!!!!!