Tyler Acoustics my experience

i have recently purchased the Tyler Acoustics PD80s, and would like to share my experience with Ty and his speakers.
I have been searching for a certain sound and have spent over $25,000.00 for speakers and as low as $2,500.00 and everything in between. Ty and I spoke at length and he was always available, extremely dedicated to his craft. Finally after setting the speakers up and putting power to them, I was in awe, a wall of pure slammimg sound. Hope this info helps someone.
What equipment are your running them with?
And what kind of music do you listen to mostly?

And what size is your room?

And what other speakers have you tried before?

And, how much is Ty paying you to write this for him?
(I am kidding about this last one, but since you just popped up with this, it does look kind of funny.) Answering all of the questions that Tpreaves and I have asked will go a long way toward establishing that you are indeed a fellow audiophile, and not some sort of shill, and especially since you don't post a lot.

Your post didnt help anyone. How can a paragraph "review" that includes no talk of room, no talk of gear, no talk of time spent, no talk of music auditioned, with no comparison to old gear be of any value?
Last time I was in front of "a wall of pure slammimg sound" was at a Rolling Stones Concert in Boulder, Colorado...my ears rang like crazy for 6 weeks. Wasn't a fun time.
The 80 has pro drivers so probably wont be for many.
I may have this mixed up but aren't Zu Audio and Tekton also using some kind of modified pro driver in their latest speaker line-ups? Could this a newer trend beginning to start with the usage of pro drivers for home audio use? Is there a benefit to using pro drivers for home audio use sonically or durability wise?

Tyler Acoustics knows what they are doing as they have been selling here successfully for years now and have a loyal happy fan base. They don't need a shill. I'm guessing the OP is so giddy about his speakers but definitely needs to provide more details for this thread to help.
A good driver is a good driver regardless if it is home or pro. I stopped judging, I have friends who are heavy into DIY stuff and lately I have found a great deal of them finding stuff that sounds really great. A great example is a DIY kit made by GR research called the Super V. It uses a modified Pro driver for the Mid Woofer Tweeter and it is a great sounding speaker system that rivals many super high dollar speaker systems. It is crazy what comes out in the form of creativity.
It is helpful,bad examples often are.
Jeeeeezus a guy is happy with his speakers and posts up to let members know he likes them and gets slammed. Pitiful!!! At least I know who dislikes Ty or his speakers.

Disclaimer: I own Ty's speakers but in this case it doesn't matter. I could care less if someone likes them or not. I do and find them a great bang for the buck but jumping on the poster for really no apparent reason other than he didn't post up the size of his his room, or what kind of other speakers have you listened to, or you haven't posted much is crazy. Way to go Kurt you receive my TROLL of the month.

Also I seriously doubt Ty would tell someone to post up a review or some "That a boys" just to help him out. I don't think he needs it considering his products speak for themselves and also all his positive reviews and feedback.

Perhaps you should relax, take a chill pill, and go back and re-read my post.

I have never heard Ty's speakers, or met the man, so I have no axe to grind either way. I was merely offering some constructive criticism to help Nokmuay present a clearer and more informative post. (I CLEARLY pointed out that I was kidding him when I said he had been paid for his review. It was quite obvious that he was merely excited over his new purchase, and I was just trying to help him prepare a clear and concise review of the speakers in question.)

On the other hand, it is quite clear that you are indeed a "Fanboy" of Ty and/or his speakers. Either that or you have a "man-crush" on him. (And as Sienfeld would say: "Not that there is anything wrong with that!") ;-)

Have a nice day!
LOL...A "man crush". Nope don't think so but don't you ever get sick of members always criticizing or reduciling just because someone doesn't list their whole system or give all the details when its NOT needed. Too many here do because they are too frigging anal for their own good and don't relax and take their "chill pills". I don't think he needed to divulge his credentials like you basically called him out to do so. He has been a member since 2008 so whats it matter. I don't think he is a "shill" and was only excited about his purchase as you pointed out.

Happy 4th!!!
Maybe you should re-read your own post Kurt

"Answering all of the questions that Tpreaves and I have asked will go a long way toward establishing that you are indeed a fellow audiophile, and not some sort of shill, and especially since you don't post a lot."

Seems like you did "call the man out" who started the post.
It would be nice to hear an honest review of these speakers from someone who is not on Tyler's home demo list. One of these days I hope to hear some in person.
I didnt call anyone out but to say it was helpful for him to post almost no info is laughable. I almost bought speakers from Ty years ago, he is eager to help and a true gentleman in this industry. That doesnt mean everyone will like his speakers but what company could boast that?

Just a heads' up that the folks on Ty's Home Demo list are not compensated for their demos. I used to be on the list and never received a penny for any of the auditions folks came to me for in my home, whether they bought some speakers from Ty or not (nor did I ever want or expect to).

I would recommend not jumping to any conclusions that just because someone is on Ty's demo list their review(s) should be considered suspect... I *will* say that it would be great if there were more professional reviews of Tyler speakers in general, however. I have not heard the newer lines, but the discontinued Linbrook Signature System and Taylo mini-monitor speakers that I still own make me still smile every time I throw a good recording on them.
Wow!! I was just curious as to what equipment the guy was using.
Ty told me there was some demo compensation program but it was years ago so things may have changed. If it is still the case or not make no mistake it DID exist. I dont think there is anything wrong with it either, if somebody opens their home to a demo, entertains questions and surely some music samples then why not make a buck?
I have never been aware of compensation from Ty Chadnliz but quite possibly years ago it could have been true. He never told me about it and he also contacted me once and said a fellow member might want to come over for a listen but he never showed.
Ty's line of Pro Dynamics speakers appears very well thought out. In particular, his MHM format gets a big thumbs-up from me. As for his use of prosound drivers, well that's what I use and in my experience they are more challenging from a crossover standpoint but have inherent advantages that make the extra crossover work worthwhile. Ty's Pro Dynamics speakers not only offer improved dynamics, but also improved radiation pattern control. The latter matters because most of the sound we hear in a non-nearfield setup is reverberant energy, dominated by the speakers' off-axis response.


Happy Fourth back at you!
(Hopefully you're in a State that actually lets you celebrate with fireworks, as opposed to (most of) California, which bans pretty much anything fun, except for marijuana!)

BTW, you wrote:

He has been a member since 2008, so what's it matter.

One of the reasons I brought up what I did, is that I actually went to the effort of looking up his membership, and while it is true that he has been here since 2008, (mostly buying and selling a few pieces of equipment), he has only two posts to his credit. (And there is nothing wrong with that, except that I have seen some true shills that have done the exact same thing, which is to sign up, and then every so often post a glowing review about some piece of equipment.) Again, I was just trying to help him out by giving him tips on how to present a better review,, rather than merely saying "THIS IS GREAT!!!, which I think you'll agree is not much of a review and not much help to anyone really thinking of buying whatever piece of equipment they're talking about.)
VMPS does it too so its not unheard of and again I think its perfectly fine. Besides this isnt even an issue because this original poster would be the worst salesman ever and anyone who would buy based on his quick notes was going to buy anyway IMO. Who cares if somebody wants to cheerlead anyway, its a free market so folks will buy what they want for any reason they want. If they buy anything without listening with any true experience thats just stupid so let stupid people do stupid things. These folks feed Audiogon with used deals, so somebody will eventually win.
I don't have to establish myself to anyone, I don't even know what a demo program is, or was. If someone wants to call me a shill working for Tyler Acoustics they better come to New Jersey and speak to me in person about it. Now for the people that are truly interested and have a life here goes. Amps are Parasound JC1s, preamp is the Parasound JC2. I have the plinth that Albert Porter first built for himself, with the Technics SP 10 Mk2, with a SME 312 arm. The room is 22X26 with a vaulted ceiling. As far as what other speakers I have tried, It's nobodies business, they were all very nice speakers but just not what I wanted. When I find a person passionate about their craft I like to acknowledge them. Actually I don't think I have ever posted, so the person that said i don't post often was wrong, I haven't posted before, as I remember.
Thats better lol.
Seriuosly that sounds like a great space for those speakers as they are not exactly a small room design IMO. ENJOY!
Yep California has too many laws I agree. Probably why they can't balance the budget. Yes KY celebrates the July 4th. Actually just recently fireworks became legal to sell. We used to have to travel to TN or AL if you wanted to set off any. Otherwise there are plenty of places that have huge festivals that set off tons of fireworks.

I see you are trying to help him and get that now but in your 1st post it didn't read like that. No big deal and yes I do agree "This is Great" isn't much of a review ;)

It looks like Nokmuay has a very nice system. I don't remember the efficiency of the PD80's but I'm pretty damn sure they are very efficient and the JC-1's might be overkill...LOL. Nice amps by the way.
I know this thread is really not about Ty only, but I have not dealt with a finer person in ALL of my 35+ years of purchasing anything. I have to share that he is a joy to work with.

Huge thumbs up for Ty! One could not possibly do more or work harder to please a customer then Ty.

No man crush here, but perhaps I am in awe of his service level as compared to the lack of it so common elsewhere today.
Tyler's speakers look like they could be the right stuff. It would be nice to find an American speaker builder that has a great product. I have considered flying out to his location to hear his products, but have noticed only a small following of fans. After auditioning many speakers at retail establishments, it is amazing the amount of difference between brands. I admit I am a very picky bastard.
Dave you would have to let him know well in advance because he doesn't always have all models for demo at one time. He pretty much builds each speaker upon an order. He may have one or two built but thats something you would have to work out with Ty. He has a pretty good following of fans from what I can tell and I don't have a man crush either..LOL :)
For those of you who actually have Tylers speakers what Amp's are you using? I need to upgrade from the Sunfire's I have and I am thinking Krell, Theta, or Mcintosh. I am concerned with the current situation of Theta but if I buy from them it will be Theta Enterprise Monos for the LR and DN for the rest. Krell would be 2 TAS. Any help would be most appreciated. I am using a Sunfire Pre and I listen to 80% music and 20% Theater. Thanks for your help as I am lost in what to do. BTW I have nowhere to audition these amps.

You are slightly hijacking this post, but I'll jump on board for a good cause. I'm using a CODA CSi integrated amp with my Woodmere 2s. Those speakers are less efficient than yours, so you may not need that much juice. I am very, very satisfied with the sonics, and I find no weaknesses in any area. Good luck.
I am using a Rogue Tempest II on my Decade 4's. I also have Ty's sub. For the Decade 1's I think Coda, BAT, older Krell amps (FPB, KSA), Levinson or a decent size tube amp would sound great. Not sure of your budget.
I am thinking 5000 for the LR amp maybe 1000 more if I go monos. Sorry for hijacking the thread but I posted in some other Tyler threads vut I think they are dead. Thanks I will look into the Coda, Bat and older Krell and see what I can find.
Use Rogue Cronus Magnum or Plinius 8200 MK2 with my Decade 3's , have also used the 8200 with Linbrook System2s and Taylo 7Us, and my Ayon Spirit 2 with the System 2s and Decade 3s

To my ears all have been a good match musically and ability to drive the speakers
06-30-11: Jfondell
For those of you who actually have Tylers speakers what Amp's are you using?
I use a Tempest II Magnum with my 7Us.

I have the Woodmeres and I use Pass Amps and a Rowland Pre-Amp. I have also used Bel Canto with them. They have worked well with both of these amps. Stephen
CODA here as well.
I have owned many speakers from Tyler Acoustics and have always been impressed. This guy does it all from building, packing and sometimes delivering. Who does that?
We really should support Americans like Ty...
I have owned a demo-ed a lot of speakers in my years, and in the price range Tyler speakers are the best I have ever heard bar none. I have heard better, but in Much Higer Price Ranges. I would firmly endorse Tyler's Signature speakers and I am sure this passes on up and down his line.