Tyler Acoustics Loudspeakers

Hi. I could use some assistance as it is difficult to consider speakers without hearing them. I spoke with Tyler about the D 2 speakers and wonder if any Tyler owners could reference the the Tyler sound in comparison to the speakers I have owned in the past. I have had Von Schweikert VR4Jr's and Von Schweikert VR4 Sr. speakers. In addition, I have owned Dynaudio Contour 5.4 speakers. Any information on the Tyler D2 speakers or the general sound of Tyler loudspeakers would be helpful. Tyler was great to speak with. Thanks in advance for your assistance. I would also need to think about an amp that would be a good fit with them. Have a good day. Stephen
Do a search here for the D2's. I believe there is a review and plenty of information if you search. I have the D4's and love them. I have not heard VS speakers. His new line is easier to drive than his previous line so you won't need a megawatt amp. His speakers to my ears sound better with tubes somewhere in the chain. I think others will agree.

Are there any tube amps you would recommend as a match with the speakers. Thanks to you and anyone else for ideas. Stephen
I haven't heard the speakers you've had and frankly am not good at the audiophilize sound descriptions - what I can say is that I purchased both the Linbrook System 2s and Taylo 7Us, which Ty discontinued in favor of his new Decade line, without hearing them and have had no regrets - they have synced well with my equipment and for me they are both very musical and non-fatiguing. The Linbrooks go litlle deeper base wise while the Taylos seem to have a slight edge in the mid-range and a little more staging (to my ears anyway) With the Linbrooks I am using Rogue Audio Cronus with Magnum upgrade; with the Taylos Iam using a Plinius 8200 MK2.Probably haven't helped you much but wanted to provide what I could - Ty is an unfront guy who you can trust to give you straight talk and excellent service
Any BAT amp will match as I have had their ss and tube amps in my system. I have used several Levinson models, Krell FPB200, Plinius SA100MkIII to name a few with good results. Amps are a matter of choice but I tend to like an amp that is more neutral than dark or bright. I tried a Bryston 4B ST once and did not like it at all. Waaaaaaaaaaay to transparent or bright for my taste.
I am thinking about amps that would work well and have been toying with the idea of either the Bel Canto 300i or the Pathos Logos which i owned years ago. Any thoughts on these two with the Tyler Decade 2 speakers or other recomendatons. Thanks to Samzx12 for your thoughts. Stephen
I know Ty took a 300i in on trade and he liked it alot.