Tyler Acoustics Linbrook

Currently I own some Tyler Acoustic minimonitors and they sound great, but what they are, are really a second pair of speakers in a surround sound system. So...looking to move up and spend in the 4-6k range and I thought I'd start by checking out Tyler Acoustics signature piece. Only problem, nowhere close to audition. Anyone heard these? Any other recommendations (this will be my first forray into high-end speakers, currently have Meridian 502 Parasound 3500 Sony SCD-1)? Thanks in advance.
I moved up from the reference monitors and love the linbrooks.Detailed,huge soundstage and you can listen for hours.I stopped evaluating equipment and now listen to music.
I demo these speakers for Ty in the Boston area.I had a couple drive up from NYC and they felt these speakers competed with units in the 10k range.Ty now offers a basic model in the 4k range and you can ad the extras.
The are less forward than the monitors with more bass.I drive them with a 35wpc tube audimat intergrated.
Hope this helps.
Thanks Art. It sure does help. I'm 1000 miles from Boston so it's not very practical for me to audition. I'm glad you can drive them with a tube amp, in that, I'm thinking of moving in that direction as well.