Tyler Acoustics Linbrook system II

Has anyone heard these new three-ways from TY?
If so can you comment on them?
I heard them extensively at this year's THE Show in Vegas. They were powered by Jolida, with a Jolida CD player as well.

While I personally would have chose different electronics, and the room was far from ideal...

The soundstage was similar to my speakers (the Linbrook Signature System 2 piece), bass was strong and tight, but did not get as low as the regular Signature System, and midrange was about 95% of what you get with the regular System (and that is actually VERY good).

I thought the overall sound presentation was *quite* good, and quite similar to my own Linbrook System... Just a bit less low bass and slightly weaker in the midrange.... My guess is with a good electronics match for these (like a high quality CODA integrated amp, or something of similar quality) I would be a happy camper if it were me...

Overall, my impression was highly positive... If you have the bucks, the regular Linbrook System is well worth the additional investment... But if your room is small to mid-sized, and/or you cant afford the larger version... These are a very good (minor)compromise that is almost sure to please at a much more affordable price point.

Oh yeah... Just for the record, the music I heard on them was Dire Straits... Not my usual choice for demo material, but still I think I got a good feeling for the System II's capabilities...

Thanks for your response Dave. These are encouraging words as this is one
of the speaker choices I am leaning towards, along with the Gershman Avantegard rx-20. But the Tylers are more efficient to drive and quicker with
the seas drivers, no? Maybe you could share your thoughts on amps.
I currently have a Sophia Electric EL-34 and a Blue Circle CS int.
The el is rated at 35 watts and the cs is 50. They are very close sound wise.
I tend to favor the tubes, therefore, my thought was pairing them with
the more efficient and quicker Tylers should yield good results.
One or both may go for the new Sophia KT88 int.
Appreciate any additional feedback. Steve
Since I use SS (I power my Signature System with an Aragon 3002 Power Amp fed by a Cary pre/pro), I don't claim to be a big "tube" authority, per se... But if your Blue Circle puts out 50 watts and you don't lose any sound quality... of the two, I would recommend that one. The Linbrooks are very efficient, but they can always benefit from a few extra watts... :-)

FWIW I have the Linbrook Signature System (one piece version). I can drive it with any of my PP tube amps, including a 35wt amp. The speaker's sound reflects the quality of the amp driving it, but even the 35wt amp does an excellent job considering its power limitations. I really like this speaker a great deal.