Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Super Towers

Category: Speakers

I recently purchased a pair of Linbrook Super Towers from Tyler Acoustics, and have been so impressed I figured I’d share my thoughts on them.

I consider myself just an “audio enthusiast” and have been looking at upgrading my main speakers for quite some time. Many years ago I had auditioned the B&W N802’s and was blown away. Of course they were part of a mega-buck Mark Levinson system in a highly treated listening room. So when I started auditioning speakers again recently, I started off with the newer B&W 802D’s. I listened to an 802D / McIntosh system and really liked the sound. I also really loved their styling and fit and finish.

I also auditioned a Dynaudio Contour S5.4 / Sunfire setup. Very nice sounding, but not as good as the 802’s, which had better bass performance to my ears. The only problem was the 802’s $12K price tag. So I ended up at AudiogoN to find a used pair of 802D’s. It was here that I came across the Tyler Acoustics brand. After checking out their product line-up, and reading as much as I could, it really seemed like the Linbrook Super Towers were exactly what I was looking for in a speaker. I really liked their looks, and at ~$5K, they seemed like an absolute steal. So I called up Ty and ordered a pair in the Rosewood finish.

I’ve had the Super Towers now for about 3 weeks, and couldn’t be more pleased. I think they look absolutely beautiful, and to me they sound better than both the 802D’s and the S5.4’s. The Seas Millenium tweeter is as good as any I’ve heard – at any price. Very smooth and effortless – and I feel more “open” and “extended” sounding than the 802’s diamond tweeter. Midrange and midbass performance are also great. The human voice is reproduced beautifully. Bass is tight and has good “slam.” While I have listened to them full-range, I’m routing all info below 90Hz to my SVS subwoofer, so I can’t really comment on the Super Tower’s performance in this range. Paired with the SVS (with the way I have the sub EQ’d) I get a nice deep, warm and musical low end that really works well for both two-channel music and 5.1 surround sound.

In short, I think anyone who is considering speakers in the $5 - $15K range should think about the Linbrook Super Towers.