Tyler Acoustics Linbrook/Super Mini Monitors

I'm a huge fan of ty's products and of ty himself. In fact, I've even visited his owensboro facility (last year). I have a pair of linbrook monitors from ty as well as 1)a custom home theatre setup based on 3 linbrooks (2 semi-mounted into the wall) and 2 taylo's (both partially-mounted in the wall); 2)2 pairs of custom mini-monitors for my kitchen and bedroom (I think these were the proto-types for his linbrook super-mini's). The linbrooks are a wonderful speaker: deep, rich bass, clear, detailed highs with no evidence of sibilance, and full mid's. the soundstaging is excellent and the quality is terrific. Of course, I wouldn't have a houseful of this stuff if I didn't think that! I've listened to lots of speakers, and not only is ty's product a terrific value, but it outperforms everything I've heard at up to 3x the price. I have the monitors set up in my den: 9x12, on ty's superb stands, using an audio refinement complete alpha integrated. My sources are (1) a bolder (highly) modded squeezebox 2, and (2)vintage thorens td125 mkII turntable through an aes/cary ph-1 phono stage. The speakers do well with all kinds of music (one of my pre-requisites, as I listen to just about everything): clear and present enough for all types of acoustic jazz, punchy enough for rock, delicate enough for intimate chamber recordings, and robust enough for full orchestral settings. In my home theater setup, they are powered by an arcam avr300, and perform wonderfully. The little mini-monitors have super sound for their size and ty even manages to squeeze out pretty creditable bass performance from these boxes. His ported designs do not sound boomy or diffused - I listen to a fair amount of acoustic jazz bass, and it's spot on. As importantly, you'll be working with one of the real class acts in this business. My home theatre setup was a total custom/from scratch design by ty, and he was wonderful to work with - great ideas, great listener, great execution. Pictures available on request!
Tvad, as you are aware Katrina wiped me out. Had circumstances been otherwise, I'd have a pair. Things may change later this yr, , a certain "loan" may come through. Until then all we have to go on are sally's comments and dozens others like here's. Comments made on every Tyler speaker about the same experiences. I did not go into questioning Ty how he has either of his speakers in xovers. I'm sure he valued the xover dozens of ways before he felt "thats the one". btw Ty is the the lab that I see mention the names of the high quality parts he uses. He lets you know what you are getting. unlike other labs everything is all sealed, not only you do not know what the drivers llok like, but xovers as well. The seas' can be seen from various photos, but do not do justice to the actual physical unit.
As I say I'm trusting Ty to "tame these beasts" with the xover network. I'll report back on how I haer the speaker, after extensive comparisons with the Thor. That might take anywhere from a few days to one hour(or less). I can't expalin why the time differential, its too complex to explain how I do a session.
Look what could lead to provocative encounters here if each side would level with the other's idea's /opinions ( believed) thus we might have more meaningful discussions. But I'm afriad to take Sallie's comments further. Read the article make up your own mind. There is one thing I felt she is saying , of utmost importance, and that factor will be not be counted in after reading. I've talked with a tyler owner on the phone, and have heard the same things I'm reading in other customers comments nad in sallie's review. The Tyler's do not need any advertising, no hard sell. Sure I see all the speaker reviews in the past 20 yrs all saying the same exact thing, or close to it. Which is why I avoid reading reviews. In this case there is truth what Sallie writes, and you'll have to hear them for yourself. Ty has a list of owners that are willing to have you audition them. I don't see that option among any other speaker lab. Yeah I know all offer the same thing Tyler has , the 20 day money back guarantee, but who here wants to rebox and ship back a speaker? Not me. With Tyler the chances are slim to none you'll be going through that drudgery of returns.
purchased my Tyler Acoustics System II's in August of 2005 and ever since then I have fallen off of the Audiophile upgraditis craze. I have no desire to change out amps, pre-amps, cd players, cables etc.... I guess in a way they have ruined the hobby for me. LOL So what have I been doing since? Well, I have gotten back into playing the guitars again. In fact I have bought 5 guitars in the last 6 months. LOL. Oh well, I guess my sickness knows no bounds. As long as I am in the room that I use now my Tyler's are staying. Should I move to a larger venue I may change that but rest assured the larger Tyler's will be first on my list as replacements.
Gsselling can you explain further, I'm not following you. How do you find the Systems 2? Comp[ared to all other speakers from your past?
"...the larger Tyler's will be first on my list as replacements" I gather you mean to say you will be interested in another alrger Tyler speaker, correct?
Tvad: Aktchi, would you say one can assume all loudspeakers made with Brand X drivers will sound the same? I don't believe this is true. Cabinet design and crossover design count for something, too. Sure, they will have a similar flavor. There is no doubt.
I have been wondering about the degree to which the final sound is determined by drivers as opposed to cabinets/crossover...but basically, as you say, I would expect them to be similar, not identical.