Tyler Acoustics D3 Owners Experiences

Can anyone provide any recent feedback on the Decade D3

and how it compares to other makes like PSB, Merlin,etc.?

Your feedback would be most appreciated.
click on Ty's ad here on Agon for the D3 and then the link at the bottom of the page which will bring you to some Agon to comments on the D3, not sure why it doesn't show up in the main thread.

That said I have the D3s (commented in the thread I refer to)and really enjoy them since they have broken in - the bottom end catches up to the mids and highs at 100+ hours.
From my vantage point these speakers are musical and non-fatiguing, no over empahasis from one range to the next , good separation and placement of instruments and sound staging. These are my 3rd pair of Ty's speakers - have Linkbrook System 2s in my second system, and have a pair of Taylo 7Us boxed up - have been pleased with all of them - to me excellent musical reproduction for the money. Bought each unheard, and in the case of the other 2 as trades that Ty took in from persons who where stepping up the line - wouldn't hesitate at all doing that as he ensures the speakers are in excellent physical and sound condition. I drive the D3s with an Ayon Spirit 2 60 wpc tube integrated - drives the D3s with ease at "10 o'clock on the volume dial " - room is approx 26x19 with 9 foot ceilings - have the speakers about foot from the back wall and 8 feet apart. I listen mostly to smooth jazz i.e. Rippingtons,Paul Taylor, Pieces of a Dream, Peter White

Haven't had Merlins, did have a pair of PSB Image 6Ts which I thought very good for the money,but each of the Tylers I have to me are overall more musical - probably should be as they are somewhat more expensive.

Thanks ror the response Facten, I am looking at either the

D3 or D2.The D2 might be a little to large physically for

my 12' x 15' room, with the speakers placed on the 12 ft

side. Although the D2 is probably the better of the two.
The D3s fill my room fine - had considered the D2s but with them having a deeper cabinet I would have had to have them further out into the room than I'd prefer
Facten, do you feel the D3s have decent bass response?

For example does it get down to the mid thirties or there

abouts? The D2s seem to be a much larger footprint, whereas

the D3s are about the same size as the Merlins I had.

I really appreciate your feedback

I am also very interested in D3, actually, more prefer D3M. I called Ty once. He told me that they were the same speakers and he could not hear any difference although someone could. For my room 19x14x10, he though D2 could fit it too. But it is over my budget range. I am looking for forward to hearing more comment about D3 and D3M. Thanks!
This is the FR - 35-20k - as stated Ty - I like solid but not overly pronounced bass and these work for me with the type music I like, haven't tried it yet with my Plinius 8200 MK2 to see if it is more pronounced with solid state than with my Ayon tube amp - gotten hooked on tubes - Ihave auditioned Eggleston Fontaine 2s whichare rated down to 40, and putting aside different room, but reasonable similar amps - they used Rogue 90,I have a Rogue Cronus Magnum as well asteh Ayon, and the Tyler's sound deeper to me

Haven't had monitors in quite awhile, but would guess that the floorstanders might offer a little more bass,but Ty is a straight shooter so I'd be comfortable with what he says
Can D3/D3M work well close to back wall ? I only can put it 1 foot to 15" to the back wall.
Facten, what color are your D3 ? Could you post some pictures? I found the color varied a lot on Ty's ad although they had same color code name.
sorry don't have digital camera - I'm old school film

My D3s and other 2 pairs are the ribbon mahogony - really nice coloe and finish - two shadings of medium and medium/dark brown
I just ordered
Decade Center
D3's for rears
2 Decade Subwoofers

I will take delivery in February as I am in Iraq until then. But I am having a hard time waiting. I will be running these with Sunfire amps. Do you guys have any recommendations as far as speaker cable?
Facten, how's your experience been with the D3 matched with the Rogue Cronus Magnum? I have one and have been thinking about getting a used pair of D3s from the Tyler site.

Thanks for your help.
Shumazing, to my ears they match well together, Rogue drives them easily with no overemphasis in any of the frequency ranges - I'll also put in a plug for getting a used pair from Ty - I purchased Lynbrook System 2s and Taylo 7Us used from him and he sendsthem out exactly as his site says