Tyler Acoustics D20 vs. D1 vs. D10

I am looking to upgrade my main listening / viewing space. Currently I have a Marantz 7005 driving a Sherbourn 5/1500A (200W/ch into 8 ohm)into a set of Dahlquist DQ20s. I purchased the D20's 13 years ago for my stereo set up, but then they became my front speakers in my home theater setup.
So, I have a large room (25 by 30 by 25 room open into a larger open floorplan), and I would like to upgrade both my HT as well as my 2 channel audio.
I am looking at a number of different options, but I am very interested in Tyler Acoustics currently. In particular, I am curious to hear opinions from anyone who has heard both the D1 and D20's. I've searched and have found very little info on the D20's.

Also check out the Linbrooks. I know a couple big Tyler fans that tried the new D series and bought them and after awhile they sold them because they preferred the Linbrooks, Super towers, or Woodmeres. All of which have the Seas drivers.
I'm pretty happy with the D1's. The option will be the D10's, not the D20's in my opinion.
I own the Woodmere IIs w/walnut finish...These are amazing to listen to. And to boot they are wife approved too and look nice with other furniture.
Could you say more about this? They are selling the D1 and D20 for the same price. I need to give Ty a call to get his take on the D10 vs. the two smaller options, but I would definitely welcome any first hand feedback. Thanks.
As I'm using a pair of Rythmik subs even in 2 channel audio, I prefered the D1's. If you are not going to use subs, go with the D10's
I have had my D1s for about a year plus now and love them. They are rarely fatiguing (bad, over compressed source only) and the soundstage is to die for. I listen for hours every weekend. I was playing a gospel choir song from a New Orleans compilation that sounded stunning. I was in that church! The bigness of the hall and all the accociated echo played by these speakers was awesome. I do have some nice supporting equipment: Rogue 99 Super Magnum, Parasound A21, and PS Audio PWD. These speakers allow me to hear the improvement in each upgrade

Just to follow up on this, I ended up purchasing a set of D10's with powered woofers from Ty. I am very happy with the purchase. They are big, but they do an excellent job of filling my large and far from optimal listening and viewing space with full range audio. I may add subs eventually for additional visceral low end; although, I'm not sure it
s really necessary. As it is, you can hear the lower frequency ranges throughout most of the house (through multiple floors/walls) when I am watching movies.
I have a pair of D10s, filling a huge space, similar to yours, and they simply
disappear with brilliant imaging and soundstaging, great bass and no need
for a sub. Couldn't be happier with them. And they are only driven by a
Thor Class A 30 WPC amp, yet because of their 91 db sensitivity and easy
8 ohm impedance, have never run out of power. You also get to deal with
Ty, who is unquestionably one of the best people in the stereo business.