Tyler Acoustics Comparisons

I was wondering who was able to compare the Tyler Acoustic Linbrook, Taylo Ref.3, or System 2 speaker systems. They look beautiful and seem to get some forum activity. What other brands did you compare them to? The Salk HT3 and Montana ESP or SPX equally look killer. I prefer a larger and smoother presentation. Hyper detail, in your face mid's wear me out. I'm currently using a 50 watt Graaf tube amp which pushes my friends Alon V's suprisingly well. The Alons by the way are a treasure. (I'm still considering them too) Thanks for your comments.
I have two systems with Tylers in each, can't give you the exact comparision you are looking for, but for what it is worth - in one I have the Linbrook System 2s , the other Taylo 7Us. The System 2s are driven by either of 2 integrateds a Plinius 8200 175 wpc SS, or Soundquest SQ 88 52wpc tube, and Audio Analogue Paganini CD. The Taylo 7Us are driven by a Portal Panche 100wpc SS, and an Arcam CD72 Cd and a Lite Audio modded DAC AM. I find both speakers to be very musical and easy to listen to for long periods. The System 2s don't seem to be partial to SS or tube, sound very nice with both. I've had the System 2s somewhat longer than the Taylos. The 2s are 3 way, the Taylos 2 way - both offer a little different presentation but not drastic differences to my ears - guess I'd consider the 2s slighty warmer,but neither to me are bright. The Taylos might have a little wider soundstage, but again to my ears marginally so. I bought both through Ty's customer trade-up (used) program without the ability to demo and frankly thoroughly enjoy both. Had origially looked at replacing my Paradigm Studio 60s and PSB Image 6Ts with B&Ws until I auditioned a few models in the same relative price range and was left unimpressed. Sure that I didn't give you want you wanted to know,but what I am saying is I don't think you can go wrong with either of Ty's models, and if you call him he'll give you the insights you want - he's a pleasure to deal with.
Thanks Facten for your help. The System 2's would probably be the smallest I would like to go on driver size and arangement. I was ruined by listening to a pair of Wilson Sophias at a dealer I know. We listened to some smaller Dali 400's right after and they sounded much smaller and boxy. (Different rooms, different equipment) Looking in a "realistic used price range" I came up with the list of possible speaker interests as in my post. I can't believe the the lack of responses to my question. Surely the are more people out there who own some Linbrooks or Ref.III?
I may wait a few days and rephrase a new question.
How would you describe the Tyler bass and mid range?
Are they open and "out of the box". Again, I am listening to some Alon open baffle Model V's. Thanks again.
Danet2 - understanding that you may want a certain driver configuration I'd just say that I was pleasantly "suprised " by the bass depth of the Taylos - just thought it was worth noting. I haven't heard any open baffle speakers to 'know' the sound you have. For my ears I'd say that the Linbrooks, and Taylos for that matter, are open and not box constrained.

I would be most interested in to see if anyone posts comparisons you ask for but I am not optimistic.

Ever since much of high-end audio moved out of dealer showrooms, it has become almost impossible to make meaningful comparisons among competing products. Review sites always praise what they review (issuing awards costs nothing and earns goodwill as well as buzz). No individual can listen to even a few products he is interested in: look at your own case, or most of ours.

It doesn't really serve any purpose to know that somebody likes his Linbrook System 2 or that it is better than the Definitive Technology or Polk speakers he bought eleven years ago, a different era in technology as well as his finances, :) but that's the kind of listening experience most individuals are able to offer. What you want is comparison against today's contenders: Salk, Reimer, GMA, Montana, Acoustic Zen, even Zu. :-) Those are almost impossible to come by.

I only expect to hear that people like what they have bought - well, no surprise there. :)

The only solution to this problem is to build a systematic database of whatever individual comparisons people are able to offer, but that's not happening so far.

I am sorry I am not helping you and I can't. I am only suggesting a process that may help future queries like yours. Good luck. Do share what you find.