Tyler Acoustics

I am in the process of looking to upgrade my audio system. Currently my 2.0 system consists of a Marantz AV7005 preamp driving a five channel (200wpa) Sherbourn 5/1500A with a set of Dahlquist DQ20’s for my front main speakers. The room is approximately 30’ by 25’ by 28’, but it is also open to the rest of the first floor of my open floor plan home.
I’ve owned these speakers for over 15 years and have held on to them for nostalgia as much as anything else. However, I am ready to replace them with a modern (superior) set. After much research, I am very interested in the Tyler Acoustic Decade line of speakers.
My priorities for a new set of speakers are:
1.Big sound (in a big room)
3.Tight base with deep extension (I will have one or more subwoofers for HT, but I would prefer to rely on the speakers alone for audio playback (I listen to a broad range of music from classical to club).

With this in mind, I am looking at the D1, D20, and D10. The D10 may be out of my price range, but I would very much like to hear your opinion about the D20 vs. the D1. I could also possibly be swayed to upgrade my budget to the D10's. However, for the moment, they are out of my budget. If I do decide to go into the >$10K range, then a number of other options will need to be considered as well.

I am looking at others including used Revels, Von Schweikert, Salk HT3, Usher, Sonus Faber, and Theil.

Originally, I was also considering Definitive Technology (BP7000SC), Paradigm, PSB, and Klipsch, but I have eliminated those brands for the time being as best suited for bang for your buck HT options (which I may reconsider in the future!).
I can't give you a direct comparison of the speakers you mention, but I did own the Tyler D1s for about 3 years. Fantastic speakers, and I only got rid of them as my wife and I started fostering small children, and the desire to 'push on those shiny things' made me sell the Tylers. They were in a loft area that is 35' x 15' x 8', so a fairly large room. The speakers meet your priorities (big sound -- very much so, accurate -- very neutral and detailed, but not sterile or dry sounding at all). As far as bass, they bass is extremely tight -- that is why I chose the D1s over the D10s (plus the $). In my room, they were flat down to 30 Hz, and had very useful bass down to the mid 20s (but bass response is very room dependent). I am a bass freak, but most often played the D1s without the sub.

One thing I might mention is that I also had the Marantz 7005 driving some Wyred 4 sound amps with the Tylers, and didn't realize for a long time that the Marantz was a weak point in 2 channel mode. I ended up getting a W4S DAC2 and ran it directly into my amps, and that was a huge step up in performance.
I cannot speak for the D line but do own a pair of the Woodmere II's and very happy ALL AROUND...My room is 24 x 35.. There is a guy in Fredricksburg VA with another pair that you could pick up for less than $5K...
Don't dismiss Def Tech as a viable option. The newest 80 series are superb speakers. I have the BP 8080ST's and love them, and not just for HT. They are replacing a pair of fine Usher 8871 Diamonds and I am not looking back one bit. They are that good!
Also, owned a couple of pair of Tyler Acoustics speakers in the past and they are very nice speakers as well.

I think the 7000 SC's would be a superb all around option if you are looking for a "do it all" type of speaker. Trick with them is proper set up but easy to do.

Good luck with your search.
The PSB Synchrony One is in your budget and will fill your room with enough power. They are great stereo speakers, and not for HT. I do use other Psb speakers for my HT.
Your electronics will severely limit any decent speakers for serious two channel audio.

I had the D1 and now the D10. Terrific speakers both of them and Ty is a gem. Great to deal with and his customer service and attention to detail is great. Agree that you need a new am, though
I ended up buying a set of D10s with powered woofers from Ty. The speakers are a revelation as compared to my DQ20s. Of course they are in entirely different classes; however, I'm still very impressed by the D10s. Huge sound stage,accurate,easy to drive, and truly full ranged. In addition, Ty was a pleasure to deal with in every way. I'm very happy with them, and expect that I'll own them for many years.
Regarding the comments above about my other equipment, I am considering adding a stereo preamp for two channel listening. It will likely be something with HT audio pass through so that I can still use the AV7005 for HT. I have a challenging listening environment, and I've been generally happy with the results using Audyssey.
I'd welcome further feedback on my amplifier though. With the powered woofers, the Sherbourn has ample power to drive the D10s. So, are your comments from experience with the Sherbourn, or just general comments about the use of high channel count amps for two channel listening? FWIW, my listening is probably 80% HT and 20% two channel.
Thanks for the feedback.


Again, thanks everyone for the feedback on TA. I'm bumping this because I'd very much value further feedback from those who commented on the rest of my system.

Mine is a rather complex system....As I melded two systems...I have the room and patience for the final results if its movies or music...I am the opposite and 80% 2 channel and music while the other 20% is HT which is mind blowing too..I also do listen to a lot of DVD concerts and now Bluray etc...My favorite recent purchase would be the Oppo BDP-105..Just made the system come together and allows the speakers to SING like they should..