Tyler Acoustic vs. Paradigm

I am considering a set of Tyler Acoustic Taylo Ref. or Paradigm Studio 40. Close to same $$ and size. Any opinions on these?
Amp = Krell FPB400cx!
Preamp = First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk II

That's punch! :-)
Unit1865 - I'm driving my Linbrook Signature System (one piece) with a Cary 303/300 direct via balanced ICs to a Crown Macro Reference with 760W per chn. Extremely tight, defined bass is a requirement for me. Had my ARC LS-16 Mk II preamp in chain for a while, but prefer the Cary direct for now.
I have a pair of Linbrook Monitors (Wormy Maple - very beautiful finish).
I am running a Dehavilland UltraVerve->VAC 110/110.

I also have a REL Stadium III stuck in the corner.

I'm pleased with the set up -tweaking is done for now - just listening/enjoying the music.

( I also tried a Music Reference RM10 - nice at low levels, not enough for moderate though.)
i briefly listened to paradigm's studio 20 and studio 40. Fuzzy, lacking in detail, lacking in sounstage, no air... I can't believe that some ppl find them such good 'value'. I, for one, certainly do NOT.

then again, everyone hears differently and is entitled to his/ her own opinion. EG. I am a fan of Epos M12 (or 12.2), yet they are certainly not to everyone's liking. (incidentally, I own a pair of Neat Mystique II... now THAT is a lively and clear sounding speaker, to say the least)
paradigm speakers would be the speaker, if tonal accuracy and flat response is your thing(more old school traditional 'henry kloss style' values)....the tyler is more about imaging,forward midrange(detail), and space. more akin to the 'trust your ears' and measurements be damned crowd. both are different-both have a loyal following