Tyler Acoustic vs. Paradigm

I am considering a set of Tyler Acoustic Taylo Ref. or Paradigm Studio 40. Close to same $$ and size. Any opinions on these?
I own both the tyler ref monitor and linbrook sig monitor
which I think are both great speakers, also I would suggest you listen to both(tyler and paradigm), If you are in the Detroit area you are welcome to listen to mine.
As always I am in the ring for Paradigm ... I just love em. I'm actually running the Signature S4's but I was lead down that path by a friend with the Reference 40 v3. I think for the money they put out a great sound. Solid bass ... pretty easy to drive and can perform in a 2 channel or HT setup well. Unlike some higher end more dynamic speakers they are pretty amp friendly. By that I mean I have heard them through Denon and Rotel receivers, Nakamichi Stasis PA-7, Mark Levinson No. 23.5, Sansui AU-11000 and even a Carver M-500. Each setup had its own unique sound but the bass and clarity stood out each time. Sneak in a good sub and you will have pretty amazing sound in the $1500-$2000 price point.

The one thing I don’t like about them ... something which the Taylor's do very, very well is build an attractive cabinet. I understand the whole MDF density advantage but slap on some real wood veneer and charge us another $200 -at least make it an option. The Signatures could have the more exotic finishes but at least provide Oak and Cherry in the Reference line.

Glad i got that off my chest ...

I don’t want to take anything away from the Tyler product, as I have never heard them. I too am interested Tyler Acoustics and opinions regarding there sound especially from someone who has heard both.
Never heard the Tylers. But think about what your getting with either. The Tyler's are direct from the maker.No dealer/distributor cost figured in. Also look at the parts.
Your getting better parts with the Tyler across the board...no doubt about it.Will this make a difference ? IMHO it does if designed to work correctly in the cabinet. IMHO you have to start with good drivers and parts when building a speaker.There are other crucial factors but quality parts is a must.

If you can hear them ..this would be best. I think Ty offers a money back guarantee..so you don't have much to lose but shipping.

Ty has a home demo program also. Maybe there's one in your area so you can check them out.

Good luck
Thanks for the responces, please keep them coming.
I can't compare both, but I absolutely love my Taylo Reference Monitors. Used through Ty is an absolute steal for the sound, but make sure you also get the matching stands.

Why don't you post your state/city to see if someone here (near your area) would be willing to let you have a listen?
Listen to Gmood1.
1. With the Tylers, your getting a beautifully hand crafted speaker, which contain the highest quality parts, made personally by one of the good guys in audio.
2. Your supporting a small business based in Kentucky.
3.You'll be dealing personally with the owner of the business, and builder of your speaker.
4. If you call Ty he'd be happy to discuss your needs with you.
5. He'll take the speakers back if you don't like them.
Is there a down side here?

Just curious - Do you get any of this with Paradigm? hmmm.

Yes I own a pair of Linbrook Signatures and a pair of the little Freedom F-1. Both are superb at what they are designed to do.

I might even buy your used Taylos if you don't like them. Pick a nice finish, please. :-)

Paradigm are Tyler Acoustic are completely different animal. It's like a Toyota Camry vs. a Jaguar. One is for the mass market and one is more hand crafted and specialized to a small niche in the market.

I once heard a pair of Paradigm studio driven by a Yamaha reciever and the treble sounded like a thousand of metal blade clashing at each others all at once. If you like listening to treble instead of music then go for the Paradigm. But seriously I don't think I've heard a pair of speaker that have such an cocky and junvenile sounding treble (because it reminds me of those loud boom box in the school yards) than that of a pair of Paradigm.
My friend has Tyler Acoustic Ref monitor speakers and they are great sounding and a phenomenal value. He is a full time musician (harpsichord). If you are one of the few people who do not like the Tylers, then you can return them in 20 days for a refund. I doubt you will return them.

Sorry I've never been impressed with Paradigm's speakers. Heard many if not all of their models in a variety of setups and they just leave me uninspired. There are a wide range of speakers in this price range that are vastly superior to Paradigm's offerings.
I have owned both and still have the Tyler Taylo Ref Monitors.

beautiful cabinets
excellent parts/construction
incredible imaging
excellent detail
work well with tubes or SS
outstanding service/support

uh-lots of dealers

Seriously, we are talking diamonds vs. zirconia
I ordered a pair of Ty's Taylo Ref. Monitors with the matching stands, used in cedar, for $1340.00, with shipping. I talked with Ty twice yesterday, GREAT guy, very friendly, knowledgeable - a real pleasure to talk with. I love his trade up plan - this is one of the benefits that really hooked me. Can't wait to get them.
You will not regret that purchase. Congrats and enjoy your new speakers.

All kinds of great speakers out there, and Paradigm and Tyler are among them. It's not like questions of this sort can be reduced to this speaker over that speaker. It isn't that simple, of course. One thing you DO GET with Tyler Acoustics, however, ... immediate access to the guy who builds them and attaches his name to them. Ty will wear out your ear if you let him, but he'll always answer your every question ... everytime you offer yet another question. He offers great products, wants the buyer to be happy, and is available to discuss buyer concerns. How common is this? How important is this to the buyer? I think it would be a mistake to assume that a big name like Paradigm necessarily means "products superior" to those of smaller speaker companies. Try the Taylos ... you won't be disappointed (note the dB rating, however, and freq range).
Gretsch6120 - you're getting the exact speakers I traded in recently (Taylo monitors in cedar) - trust me, you will not find a better speaker in that price range, new or used.
I just received my new set of Reference IIIs from Tyler, in the Italian Ebony finish, and they're every bit as good as I thought they'd be (taking into consideration that they're not yet broken in). Enjoy the Taylos, and don't be afraid to crank them up - big sound from a little speaker!
Denvelle - how long did you own them? What type of equipment did you use with them? Thanks.
the paradigm 'export' (no longer made) was the finest speaker they ever made. as good as anything by anybody
i am waiting for my tyler linbrook signature system in maple one piece, will be getting them with out hearing a tyler speaker before, all i can say is between talking to Ty, the reviews, and all of the positive responses from threads like this one, and the price, i don't think i can go wrong,

You're not going wrong. I have the same exact speaker that you have coming. They are outstanding. Be patient though. They need alot of break in time.


contacted Ty today looks like sometime next week, that will be OK as i still have components that have not been delivered yet, are you using the linbrooks in a ht system?
I have a dual purpose system. Yep! HT and 2 channel. I primarily listen to 2 channel now. My movie viewing has diminished greatly.

BUT - The Linbrooks do it ALL! :-) They really are fantastic. I find them to be very easy to position in the room too. A real advantage when going HT!

Just let them break in for 500 hours before you decide. 300 hours they'll start to sound really nice though. BTW - they look beautiful too. :-)
What are you guys using for amplification with the linbrooks? I've been using an aleph 30, but I think they need something with a little more punch. Has anyone paired them with a digital amp?
BTW, I also own paradigm 40's (v2) and I've always liked them. Upgrades to other components were always audible through them, and I think they are a better match for the aleph overall.
Anyway, any suggestions for amps that are a good match for the linbrook monitors would be appreciated. I'd like to keep using my aleph p preamp with the new amp too.
Amp = Krell FPB400cx!
Preamp = First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk II

That's punch! :-)
Unit1865 - I'm driving my Linbrook Signature System (one piece) with a Cary 303/300 direct via balanced ICs to a Crown Macro Reference with 760W per chn. Extremely tight, defined bass is a requirement for me. Had my ARC LS-16 Mk II preamp in chain for a while, but prefer the Cary direct for now.
I have a pair of Linbrook Monitors (Wormy Maple - very beautiful finish).
I am running a Dehavilland UltraVerve->VAC 110/110.

I also have a REL Stadium III stuck in the corner.

I'm pleased with the set up -tweaking is done for now - just listening/enjoying the music.

( I also tried a Music Reference RM10 - nice at low levels, not enough for moderate though.)
i briefly listened to paradigm's studio 20 and studio 40. Fuzzy, lacking in detail, lacking in sounstage, no air... I can't believe that some ppl find them such good 'value'. I, for one, certainly do NOT.

then again, everyone hears differently and is entitled to his/ her own opinion. EG. I am a fan of Epos M12 (or 12.2), yet they are certainly not to everyone's liking. (incidentally, I own a pair of Neat Mystique II... now THAT is a lively and clear sounding speaker, to say the least)
paradigm speakers would be the speaker, if tonal accuracy and flat response is your thing(more old school traditional 'henry kloss style' values)....the tyler is more about imaging,forward midrange(detail), and space. more akin to the 'trust your ears' and measurements be damned crowd. both are different-both have a loyal following
Jaybo I must disagree on Paradigms being flat response. Take a look at the Paradigm Reference Signature S2 loudspeaker graph on Stereophile.

I've owned a few pair of the newer 20v3s which are pretty darn close to the same speaker....they don't have a flat response by a mile.LOL

Tonally accurate? their not even close..sorry no dice my friend. Checkout the
Response graph.

Good listening

What about the Epos 12 do you like?

I've never heard a Tyler speaker but have heard a number of Paras. Two neighbors in my 'hood have floorstanders and I recently auditioned a pair of the high end stand mounts with the beautiful finish. None of them drew me in and the stand mounted was actually a little irritating, a little brittle.
the midrange on the entire paradigm line is as flat as a pancake(measured as such). also compare them to the tyler.
The question is - Which is most important to you - How a speaker sounds, or how a speaker measures? hmm....
actually loudspeakers that measure well tend to sound lackluster in an in-store audition when compared to speakers that focus on exagerating certain 'pleasing' frequencies. you will find however that speakers that measure well, tend to stay in your system longer and allow you to play all catagories of music and favor none. a well designed speaker can also be paired to a variety of quality gear, without disasterous results. how a speaker sounds to you will also change as you age. The best sounding paradigm speaker i ever heard was a model called the 'export'. to my ears it is still better than anything either of these companies makes today. a classic.
Measuring a loudspeaker at a given input volume of, say 85 db input, from 10Hz to 20Khz does not necessarily give a realistic picture of the corresponding dynamically measured output of the speaker. For example, how different would that same data look, if one were to show the same frequency sweeps with graphs at various input/output levels, using fairly disperate input spl's. This should explain why two speakers which may measure virtually the same with an almost static input of one 'typical' spl (again 85db, across the span of 10Hz to 20Khz)may, (and oftentimes do) sound remarkably different. This is why the audition with real music is invaluable to the consumer.
This is one consideration as to why, when two people hear supposedly 'similar' speakers, similar from a 'measurement' standpoint, that they can sound so different from one another when music is applied under very different evaluation circumstances.
I like the Epos for various reasons. It has excellent pace, rhythm and timing, puts out a great, clear image that belies its size and has great imaging. It is a fantastic speaker for vocals and, although it doesn't go down too deep in the bass department, it's bass is fast and punchy.

These speakers MUST BE paired w/ the proper equipment or they can become grating. I listened to them w/ my Unison Research Unico... excellent match, imo.

I went with the Mystiques instead b/c they are even better than the M12 in most respects.

Hope this helps.
talked to Ty yesterday and my linbrooks are ready to ship, i have decided to go with nu force ref 9 for amps. and as i will eventually have a 5.1 ht a outlaw 990 prepro, onix x88 underwood 1+ upgrade cd, a musichall mm7 tt, and a balanced tech bp 2 conditioner, ps audio extreme speaker cable, and interconnects for cd, audioquest Jaguar balanced for amp to pre, its been almost 3 months since that bad girl katrina came threw and wiped us out, but once i get my new system up and running life will surely be going forward,
I'm ordering the Taylo Reference monitors after auditioning the Paradigm Studio 40s. The only question is whether I'll upgrade the order to the Taylo 7Us instead. I liked Ty's upgrade programs too.