tyler acoustic Taylo 7U/Linbrook Floorstanders

What are your thougts on the Tyler Acoustics Taylo 7U? How does it compare to speakers in the $2K range? Has anyone heard the Linbrook Floorstanding Monitors? What kind of power do both of these speakers need to shine?
I was using just the Linbrook monitors with a 150W classe integrated; it drove them with ease. I would think any "good" amp shouldn't have a problem. The 7Us are true 4 ohm speakers and have a sensitivity of 91db; the floorstanding Linbrooks are probably 8 ohms and about 88db . From my experience with many different speaker systems, the regular Linbrook monitors outperform many speakers in the $7000-$8000 range. I would expect the 7Us to be about the same and the floorstanding Linbrooks should easily trounce a $2000-$3000 speaker. Now, this is just my personal preference and maybe the B&W house sound (which is very different) might prove to be more enjoyable to your ear. Call Ty if you have any questions. He is a great guy and would happily answer any questions. One word of warning- the sound is addictive. I purchased matching bass modules from Ty about 6 months ago. The sound is breathtaking, but I had to buy another Classe amp to bi-amp the system. With the bass modules attached, the impedance can drop into the sub 2 ohm range. Anyway, I am beyond happy with my purchase. Best of luck with your search.
I didn't know that the impedance of the Linbrook bass modules can drop below 2 ohms! I was under the impression that the whole Linbrook system was a 4 ohm nominal design. No wonder my Mesa Baron tube amp (120wpc) sounded slightly breathless with the Linbrook system. I now use a Jeff Rowland Model 8T (500 wpc@4ohms) that gels very nicely. The Monitors seem to sound faster and more lively run full range. The bass modules add weight, warmth, scale and depth but makes the overall sound slightly less agile. And the better the electronics used, the better the speakers sound. I really like the fact that the Linbrooks have a pretty natural balance and avoids having a tipped up/exaggerated top end like the B&W Nautilus range.