Tyler Accoustics....a true pleasure to deal with..

After several conversations with Ty I am eager to share my impressions, first I wish all dealers were like this.
Ty is enthusiastic, polite, down to earth, and matter of fact. I did not expect to be so pleasently surprised with talking about what my needs are, what he has to offer, and his willingness to explore options to suit my needs, I feel that this is a great example of what to expect in the future of Audio, brick and morter are closer to the grave everyday and if others follow the path of Tyler and share his enthusiasm, attitude, and business model....I truely think we will not miss the kick the tire show rooms of home audio. There are others ofcourse like him, great examples are in my dealings wich are limited but will include Eminent Technology, TEKLINE cables, several others are worthy of mention but my point is that these folks breath new life into an Audio purchase, save the Ego and Snob attitude for folks that dont mind spending money for status, I prefer to deal with REAL people who actually are a pleasure to talk with who also have product that is worthy of purchase.
You're right about Ty. He won't pressure or convince you to buy his speakers, and yet he's as helpful as you could ever hope a businessman would be.
Not to diminish your thoughts but I find many MFG's like this, when you are a potential customer;which isn't to hard to understand. The real test comes when you have a problem/complaint. AND, don't even think about product comparison/price/value with any MFG. That pretty-much can only be done on the boards,here. This ain't any kind of slam on Ty; never owned his speakers. For dealers,it works the same way.----Which is, IMO, why the internet has, and continues to change this business.Most buyers just pain and simple,want more objectivity.--( Not that product comparison/price/value are that important to us audiophiles)--Just my opinion.
Thank you for sharing this with us, Chadnliz! I agree with you very much.

About the only thing I can add is that I think it is a reflection of the passion that this type of owner/company puts forth. I find that it is unmatched in a brick and mortar type dealership, as this is his vision and his life. As all of this flows down to different entities, it becomes more diffuse, less vibrant, less alive.

Hope you love the speakers, and they enter into a very long relationship with you.
Ty Lashbrook is a real gentleman, just as everyone says. He's that way before the sale, and the same way afterwards.
AV, I dont feel that it is wide spread pleasent attitudes in this business, most need a smack across the head, not a sale. I only mentioned a couple of folks, there a others that I know that are great and lots more I may not know, but the ratio of good guys and snobby assholes is not balanced.......there are more jerks than not in this business.
I agree with all the positive comments about Ty... For a salesman, I never found him trying to make a hard sell in any way. In fact, he frequently convinced me to spend *less* than I planned to. It is nice to see a guy like Ty, who loves audio and builds a great product, while also being honest to a fault.

Ty is a true gentleman and his products provide an excellent value when cost meets performance. I have had many dealings here on Audiogon and in the Audio Industry, and he been one of the best. Hopefully his success here on Audiogon will do nothing but continue and grow..

>>there are more jerks than not in this business.<<

.....and in the hobby as well.
Although I have nothing new to add to the above posts, I'll throw my two cents in as well.

I think nothing speaks better of a manufacturer or dealer than seeing multiple positive endorsements of customers. You know - people who have actually done their homework, and decided to lay down their hard earned cash for a product.

Not only are Ty's speakers excellent, but Ty is a true gentleman, who stands behind his products. His honesty and integrity are refreshing.

I once thought, I had a problem with one of my (Linbrook) speakers. Ty was ready to do what he had to do to "make it right". Happily it wasn't a driver as I thought. Nonetheless Ty was ready to go the extra mile. It really doesn't get better than Tyler Acoustics.

All my best to Ty, and his continued growth and success.

If you get a chance to hear a set of Tyler Accoustics speakers (I own the Taylo Monitors), I'm can't guarantee you'll love them as much as I do. That's part of the fun of this hobby and exchanging ideas and opinions on Audiogon. However, as you make your choice for speaker manufacturer please keep this in mind - Ty will absolutely be there after the sale. That's a guarantee. Ty has completely earned his reputation as one of the good guys in the industry. In terms of a warranty for their products, Tyler Accoustics is second to none. Thanks Ty.
I agree also that Ty is a terrific fellow. I once had a conversation with him that lasted nearly 2 hours. He's definitely not a salesman. More like a true lover of the hobby. I came within inches of buying a pair of his speakers. But was offered another deal before we could seal the deal. The same goes for Roy of GMA ...another great guy!
Whats with that Judy, is that a statement or a confession?
Easy with the Salesman comments! GOSH!


I have to be up to 15 pairs of speakers from TA since my first purchase 6 yrs ago. Excellent sound, cabinets, parts, crossovers, finish, and service keeps me buying more. Ty just makes this hobby fun again. We might just add him to our family photo.
Ty is a great guy who loves audio. He also makes great speakers and treats his customers like gold. I give him and his speakers my highest recommendation!
Awesome input guys, thanks alot!

Wow!! Since you have had 15 pairs - what are using now? Have you always traded up? Have you used any of Ty's small monitors?

Thanks for any info
I was curious to know if owners have opinion of models they would compare them too as far as quality so others could see how T.A. speakers match up against brand X?

2.5 pairs of speakers a year?? How can you ever get a handle on any of them, or do you have multiple systems around the house? Are you plaing with different finishes? What does your sig. other think??

I've had 15 pairs of speakers in the last 22 years and am know as Speaker Tom to my audio buddies and something of a compulsive speaker buyer. Ya got me beat by 350%!
Geez, I bought 5 pairs from Ty in 4 years and I thought I was keeping him fairly busy! I'm a rank amateur compared with Gold. Ty has provided me with the best experiences I have had in the retail end of this hobby and has been just as helpful after the purchase as before.
I am currently using the Woodmeres and this new Pro Speaker he is getting ready to launch. Yes Tom, they are both big and the sig. other is a bit tired of the hobby at the moment. I can't blame her though. Paul, it's been awhile but I really liked the Ref. Monitor. Again, great stuff from a very unique company. Feel free to email...
I can only echo the top notch experiences I've read here. Ty is simply the most approachable, friendly, responsive and helpful audio vendor I've ever had the pleasure to deal with.

My Linbrook system was bought used but Ty treated me wonderfully when I encountered some issues with them. My expanding family may preclude me keeping them at home for much longer, but I'd rather put them in storage than sell them!
Gtan: Even with expanding family one got to have music. Remember Mozart is good for babies! Surely, you can find a some corner for skeakers.
Aktchi, thanks for the positive vote but don't you think big Linbrooks playing Baby Mozart is a wee bit overkill? ;) Besides the bass modules don't sound very good when pushed into corners. The drawbacks of living in small spaces...sigh!
I'm on my third set of TA speakers in less than 6 months :)
Went from Taylo monitors to Linbrooks to a new set of Ref IIIs in Italian Ebony (they're currently showing in Tyler's Ad for the Ref IIIs here on A-gon). I think I'm done for a while though....yeah right!
i am waiting for my linbrook signatures one piece, after talking to ty for about a half hour i was sold, i am like a kid on christmas eve waiting for santa, what a person to deal with a true gentleman, and craftsman,