tying in yamaharxv-665w/adcomgfa555as 2 channel

originaly had the yammi w/ klipsch h/t set up. All worked well but when bumping up the sound things got hot and decided to go back in time w/ 2 channel system. I got an Adcom gfa665 beast 220w and some infinitys for the time being. Trouble is yamaha has locked out and I have no volume control or other functions for that matter.I asked Yammi about 50 times if this was possible and now they say I MIGHT NEED seperate pre-amp w/ controls. Clearly not an audiophile here , but could use some advice on resolving this .
What's a yammi?
Just use the front left and right of the 7.1 outputs. The 665 will be the preamp and you can still use for surround if you wish.
What is "locked out?"
I would assume (I know ass U me) he means that he cannot get the preamp of the pre pro to transmit a signal through the control functions. So when he attaches his source and his outputs to the power amp, the "Yammi" will not respond to the controls.
let me up date you guys on my trip down 2channel way. As before I said I had a Yamaha665a/v amp w/ Klipsch all around. Now a got an Adcomgfa555 200w/c beast w/ some Infinitys' I got really cheap. Anyway Yamaha claimed I could use it as a pre-amp for the Adcom, but no the amp needed it's own controls. After asking about 35 engineers at Yamaha who said it was possible, you can see I was mighty pissed. Not as bad as going to a bad DEAD SHOW Abut mad.Anyway while garage sail surfing I found an Onkyo pre-amp that solved all my problems. Now I have H/T when called for and THEN I HAVE THE BEAST , AXIS BOLD AS LOVE never sounded so good. Oh yea ABRAXAS wasn't bad either. Sorry but this is my first foray into the better listening world, DARK SIDE on headphones no more. GO goof all you want I have the BEAST. LEW D
I believe you were doing something wrong still. You have to make sure to connect to the pre outs on the Yamaha and not the multi-channel inputs. It's an easy mistake.
to Rwwear, BELIEVE ME i TRIED THE PRE-OUTS ON THE Yamaha, and I GOT SOUND , sound enough so I thought I blew the Infinitys. Luckally I shut it down in time and again called Yamaha who clearly stated yes we have a zone2 which I used earlier before I got the adcom. After much debate and testyness it comes out that if you want to control the Adcom it should have volume controls. This whole deal was so I didn't have to get another pre-amp as cheap as it was. So yes I tried the pre-out jacks but it does not work.
Are you saying you used the multichannel outs not the zone two outs and you had no volume adjustment?
not exactly, when h/u from adcom to preout of yamaha Ihad no control of anything. the guy who wants me to ty into the fronts is off the mark. I wanted to keep h/t totally
seperate from my new 2channel speakers. Again Yamaha was no help and just said you need a pre-amp to work the infinitys. this is not what I was originally told. Anyway I did get an onkyopre-amp for $20 so all in all it wasn't that bad. Now Ihave h/t w/ my small Klipschs and 2 channel w/ the adcom -onkyo-infinitys. That's the only way I did it.If someone would walk me through another way I'll listen
If you are using zone 2 then it makes sense you will need a preamp. But if you use the multichannel outs you should not need a pre. For the latter you would just use the front channels and set the receiver for stereo mode when using the Adcom. Of course using zone 2 is better most of the time if you now have a preamp.
zone2 is totally out of the picture now . what you want me to do is disconnect my klipsch fronts and put the infinitys there instead and then what do I DO w/ the klipscs' but them on zone 2. that would be ok if we were talking 2 seperate rooms but no and both systems are in my main living room. I know your trying to help and I still think there's a way to get the yamaha to perform like a pre-amp.
To use the Yamaha as a preamp all you have to do is connect the Adcom to the front left and right outputs of the multi-channel outs. When you don't want to use the Adcom simply turn it off and you can still use the Yamaha surround system normally. It works this way on my girlfriend's 667 and should be the same on the 665. Yamaha has been operating the same way for some time.
I must be the biggest moron that doesn't deserve an adcom 555 I tried both ways you suggested and clearly I'm missing something. So now I'm back to 2 seperate systems w/ the onkyo as the pre-amp for the adcom . Truelly thanks for trying. Someone is goning to have to take me by the by the hand otherwise it's staying as is. Thanks again
Since I'm fairly new to a little stepped up aduio , I don't
really grasp the monom block concept. If one could get
quality out of a 2-channel amp ,what exactly the advantage of the monoblock sysem. It seems taking 2 single channel amps would by so prohibitive cost wise. How much better
could it be.